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The Ultimate Kids' Summer Bucket List – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Summer is an excellent time to enjoy all the activities, experiences, crafts, and family fun that you don’t typically have time for during the rest of the year. However, summer is also a time where kids find themselves bored with no stimulating activities available for them, especially if parents are busy. Children need to get out and have fun in the summer months when school is no longer in session; they can certainly get the most out of the hot weather at Brookwood Camps, a summer camp with the combination of sports and the traditional summer camp experience. This is definitely a rewarding and educational experience for your child, but it’s natural that a summer camp isn’t for every family. Some families prefer summers at home, which means getting that air-con fixed! It won’t take long to sort something like this out, considering all you need to do is look into something like chandler ac repair and then everything is sorted for these hot and sunny months. Anyway, back to the bucket list. Creating a summer bucket list is an excellent way to knock these activities out during the summer months and to make sure you don’t miss a thing. But where do you begin? Look below at the Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Kids, a thorough list that is sure to bring your children some summer fun and excitement! Check off each activity as you go, and see how easy it can be to pack in some super summer memories.

Want to have fun this summer, but don't know where to start? How about starting with this Ultimate Kids' Summer Bucket List? There are ideas and activities for all ages and all budgets!

1. Catch Fireflies.

Have a contest to see who can catch the most fireflies. Catch as many as you can then release them.

2. Go Fishing.

Head to a local pond or lake, and see how many different kids of fish you can catch. If you’re planning on fishing a lot, it would be fun to keep a log to see which kind of fish you can catch at each different lake or pond.

3. Make Mini Boats.

Dig through the recycling bin and pull out items you can use to make mini boats. Let the kids have fun, and then see if they float.

4. Have a Cook Off.

Choose a variety of ingredients and see what fun receipt each person in the family can create. If you have younger kids, try pairing a young child with each adult in the house to work together.

5. Decorate a Tree.

Pull items from your recycling bin to decorate a tree in your yard. You can use ribbons, tin cans, and colorful strips of paper to create a fun bohemian look.

6. Pool Fun.

Hop in a pool and try making up your own underwater dance routines. (Please use caution swimming. Use these Swimming Safety Tips.) You could also get a hot tub. They are surprisingly cost-effective these days. If you decide to consider choosing from among the top-rated models.

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7. Feed the Birds.

Put out some bird seed and see how many kinds of birds you can attract to your yard. You could even have some extra fun and make bird feeders.

8. Interview a Grandparent.

Come up with questions to ask a grandparent to tell you about their childhood.

9. Make Homemade Side Walk Chalk.

There are so many recipes for homemade side walk chalk all over Pinterest right now.

10. Make Homemade Playdough or Slime.

Why buy playdough or slime when you can make it at home? You can even make playdough out of broken color crayons!

11. Have a Picnic.

Pack a picnic and head to your local park for some fun. Don’t forget a blanket or sheet to sit on, and some outdoor toys.

Want to have fun this summer, but don't know where to start? How about starting with this Ultimate Kids' Summer Bucket List? There are ideas and activities for all ages and all budgets!

12. Make Money.

Summertime brings a lot of summer vacations. If your kids are old enough, have them walk neighborhood dogs or pet sit for some extra money.

13. Play Flashlight Tag.

Grab some flashlights, wait for the sun to go down, and play tag. Don’t forget the bug spray!

14. Visit Another State.

If you’re road tripping this summer, keep track of all the different states you visit.

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15. Create a Memory Jar.

Write down summer memories as you make them and add them to the jar. You can even add in some fun mementos like seashells, ticket stubs, or other items to help you remember the summer fun.

16. Water Balloon Fight.

What better way to cool off this summer than with a water balloon fight? Or you could do a squirt gun fight.

17. Summer Fun Run.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think fun and run belong in the same sentence. If you like to run, try running in a summer marathon.

18. Star Watch.

Take some time to look up at the sky at night once the sun sets. Keep track of what all constellations and planets you can see.

19. Crafting.

Find some fun craft tutorials and get crafty! If they turn out really good, you could even sell the creations to family and friends.

20. Summer Movies.

Head to the movies to see the latest summer flicks. There are a lot of great summer movie programs where you can see a movie for just a couple of dollars! Don’t forget the snacks!

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21. Visit a Zoo or Museum.

Many zoos and museums offer free or discount days during the summer.

22. Go on a Boat Ride.

Look for lake or river creatures as you do.

23. Decorate Flip Flops.

Head into your local Dollar Store and grab a pair of flip flops. Then decorate them with hot glue and faux flowers. You could even make a flip flop wreath.

24. Pick Wildflowers.

Arrange them in a vase and give them to someone you love.

25. Make a Fort.

Have fun with the kids in the backyard by making a fort from things you can find in your yard. Think sticks, leaves, mud, and other yard scraps.

26. Visit a Water Park.

Have a water park nearby? Make a day of it. If you don’t have one nearby, try making a fun one in your yard.

27. Attend a Parade.

Is there an annual 4th of July parade? Or a block party? Try looking for something to attend outdoors.

28. Attend a Fireworks Show.

You can’t have summer without July 4th. If there isn’t a fireworks show in your area, see if you can have your own with sparklers and poppers (check with your city laws prior to this).

29. Enjoy a Bonfire.

If the summer nights are a little cool, build a bonfire and make S’Mores. If you like Nutella, check out this recipe for Nutella S’Mores.

30. Go Camping.

Pitch a tent in your backyard for a family camp out. When we do go camping as a family, some of our friends’ children come along too. Some of them even wanted to bring their new bb guns that their parents had recently brought for them. I guess this will give the kids something to do during the times where they get a little bored. Plus, as long as they are safe, that’s all that matters. Ways to make this trip more enjoyable for the kids should be your main goal this summer.

31. Make a Hot Dog Bar.

Have friends and family over for a Hot Dog Bar. Have everyone bring their favorite hot dog toppings and grill hot dogs.

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32. Create a Nature Box.

Fill a box of outdoor findings from nature walks like pine cones, leaves, and rocks.

Want to have fun this summer, but don't know where to start? How about starting with this Ultimate Kids' Summer Bucket List? There are ideas and activities for all ages and all budgets!

33. Plant a Garden.

Try planting a flower or herb garden.

34. Pick Fresh Berries.

If you have a farm nearby, see if you can pick some berries. Then make something together with them.

35. Enjoy Outdoor Sports.

Have some fun with outdoor sports like basketball, baseball, or sand volleyball.

36. Bubble Blowing Contest.

Get some bubbles and bubble blowers, then invite friends over for a bubble blowing contest. You could even make your own bubble solution.

37. Hula Hoop Contest.

Grab some Hula Hoops and see who can hoop the longest.

38. Classic Outdoor Games.

Have an Outdoor Games Day and play classic games like jump rope, jacks, hop scotch, and dodge ball.

39. Lemonade Sale.

Make some fresh lemonade, set up a lemonade stand, and donate the earnings to charity.

40. Rummage Sale.

Go through and declutter your house. Then have a rummage sale. Use the earnings to fund some of the summer activities like movies, a water park, or something else.

Are you ready to start your summer adventures? Consider this ultimate summer bucket list for kids and see how much fun you can pack into your summer months!

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