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7 Genius Ways to Save Money at the Movies – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Going to the movies is a great way to spend a hot summer day. The heat burning down does not affect you in the large icy cold movie theater, even better you do not have to foot the power bill. You may be thinking you can’t afford to go to the movies with the entire family, but with these ways to save money at the movies, the whole family will enjoy great outings and escape the heat for less. If you’re wanting to try to find a film for as cheap as possible maybe even look at online sites such as that can allow you to find and stream movies, this way you’ll also have the luxury of staying in, keeping cool, and have the comfort of your own home too!

Going to the movies is a great way to spend a hot summer day, but it can be pricey. Beat the heat (and the price) with these genius ways to save money at the movies.

7 Ways to Save Money at the Movies:

1. Go during the matinee for a lower price.

A great benefit of this is you can spend hot summer days in the theater during the peak heat of the day. Kind of a win-win situation if you ask me. Planning your trip for the hottest days is a great idea.

2. Eat before you go to save on the cost of snacks.

While sneaking food into the theater is a great way to reduce the amount of money you spend at the movies this summer. You can even plan a fun treat, like an ice cream cone after the movies for less than the cost of buying at the theater.

3. Buy a large popcorn and drinks to share.

Not only do they come with more they often come with free refills getting you more for you money. Don’t be afraid to separate into your own smaller containers. The dollar store sells ten packs of paper popcorn bags perfect for this use so you do not have to have your children play pass, I mean spill, the popcorn.

4. Look for ticket discounts.

If you have a membership at Sam’s Club or Costco stop by the service desk to see if they have any discount tickets available. In fact, you can purchase both Carmike and Regal Gift Cards on the Sam’s Club Site and have them shipped FREE! It’s saving off the top! Skip buying tickets online to avoid service charges. Yes, it is convenient but is the price increase really worth skipping only a few minutes in line?

5. Find a theater that runs movies later than normal.

Often referred to as Dollar theaters you can see movies just out of theaters and onto DVD on the big screen. Sure, now you could buy the DVD, but for as little as $3 you can enjoy the air conditioning and a great movie. These theaters are a great way to enjoy the movies with your kids without breaking the bank. If you’re tight on cash, you can watch movies online for free on websites like pirate bay. A lot of families do end up doing that sort of thing as theaters can be expensive for families. If you are planning on having a movie night at home, make sure to find the best film possible – whether that’s finding some good space movies or movies for those horror fans. There are so many different genres of movies nowadays for every person’s taste, so there is bound to be one that’s perfect for a home movie night! When watching with kids, you might want to focus on Pixar films as they’re normally family-friendly. It might even be worth keeping in mind that the film “Up” is a fan favorite with 17 states choosing UP as their favorite Pixar movie. It might be worth trying to find that film online, or you could look at some other films! The choice is yours!

6. Check deal sites like Groupon and Fandango to save on movie tickets and gift cards.

Often you can find ticket discounts, and gift cards for less then it would cost at the theater at sites like Groupon. Check for deals buying gift cards on your local theater’s website. Many theaters give a big discount by purchasing gift cards or give X get X gift card deals. You can also find specials and deals on tickets at Fandango from time to time. It never hurts to check before purchasing a ticket!

7. Take advantage of summer movie deals.

Several teachers do $1 movies for kids on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays over the summer. These deals often come with deals on popcorn. Regal Movies hosts a great summer express program. Each day of the program you will find two movies to choose from. A part of each sale goes to charity as well so you can feel even better about saving money at the movies this summer.

This summer take advantage of trips to the movies to save money and keep cool. The kids will never know how “cheap” it is, you will get great summer memories, and get a bit of time to breath.

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