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OMG! Get PAID to Eat at Chili's!!! – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Need a night out? Be sure to stop in at Chili’s to grab a drink, beverage, and entree for just $10! Entrees included in the 3 for $10: Classic Bacon Burger, Classic Sirloin, Chicken Crispers, and Cajun Chicken Pasta. Additionally, you can choose from selected soups, salads, or chips & salsa for appetizers.

To top it off, Dosh is currently offering 7% back on all purchases at Chili’s and offering NEW users who download the app $25 when they download the app and shop/eat at a store/restaurant with a connected card. This means, if you purchase the 3 for $10, you will get $25.70 back, paying you to eat at Chili’s! Who doesn’t want that?!

Don’t have Dosh? Don’t worry!

  1. Click HERE to download Dosh (it’s a FREE app).
  2. Be sure to connect a debit card (so the app can give you cash back when you shop at certain stores and restaurants).
  3. Use the card you connect at Chili’s to get back $25 plus 7% cash back!

Once you download the app and connect a card, you can share your referral link and get $25 for whoever downloads the app, connects a card, and makes a purchase. Be sure to share your referral link! You can share your referral link HERE.

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