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9 Kids' Rainy Day Activities – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Weather is always unpredictable, but kids are predictable. Kids want to run around and play no matter how cold, hot, or rainy the weather is outside. This is a great reason to get your kids something to make memories with all year round, why not get a Techimperatives action camera so they can take photos to keep forever while exploring! When kids can’t go outside to get rid of their pent-up energy, they don’t really understand or know what to do. It can cause frustration and the grouchies. Sometimes, it’s hard to find rainy day activities kids can do indoors to let that energy out. I mean, what all can you let your kids do and still have a house intact?

Rainy days come and go, but the kids still want to play outside. Here are some rainy day activities to keep your kids entertained and your budget happy.

9 Rainy Day Activities for Kids:

1. Color.

Drawing and coloring are great ways to let kids get their energy out through creativity. When the girls get tired of their coloring books, I just search for their favorite character online with “coloring pages” behind it. I print new coloring pages for them of their favorite characters and it gives them an hour or so of entertainment. Not to mention, it’s fairly inexpensive with little clean up.

2. Make a Fort/Tent.

My girls LOVE making a “fort” with blankets over our tall dining room chairs, coffee table, and couch. It lets them make something, and then “act” out or “play” camping. It gets their mind off of not being able to go outside.

3. Dance Party.

My girls enjoy singing and dancing. When the weather is too yucky to go outside, there have been times we just turn on music and let the girls sing and dance around the house.

4. Movie Day.

Pop some popcorn and let the kids pick out a movie. Although this may not get all of the wiggles out, it will get their mind off of the dreary weather.

5. Bake Cookies.

Baking is one of the most popular rainy day activities, and kids love it! Get the kids to help in the kitchen baking their favorite cookies or treat. It may be a little messy and take a little longer than you want to make cookies, but it will make memories.

6. Build Something with Blocks.

Get the blocks and/or LEGO’s out of the closet and let the kids build whatever they want to build. Make it interesting and have a contest to see who can build certain things faster, or have the kids work together to build something.

7. Have a Tea Party.

Let your kids have a tea party with their pretend tea set (if they have one). Make it a fun event and let the kids “make” invitations to invite their favorite stuffed animals and/or dolls.

8. Make Your Own Puzzles.

This is a great way to both have fun and give the kids something educational. If you make your own crossword puzzle then you can make it as hard or as easy as you like, meaning both you and your kids can do it! You might even want to take them out to somewhere like an escape room. If you live in England, check out this highest rated escape room in kent and take the kids for a day out.

9. Play a Game.

Playing games is a fun way to release the extra energy. Wobbly Worm is a new game by Spin Master that lets kids get the “wiggles” out inside! Wobbly Worm is adjustable from thirteen inches to thirty-six inches. The worm spins around while the kids try to toss the rings around the worm’s neck. The rings are different sizes so that it can make it easier and/or harder for the kids to play.

A few of my daughter’s friends came over a couple weeks ago to play this game. It had been a super cold week with frost on the ground, which meant it was too cold to play outside that week. (These cold days are rare in South Alabama.) My friends’ kids had a serious case of the wiggles as did mine from the cold week, so Wobbly Worm was the perfect solution for our coffee and play date that week.

A few things to know about the Wobbly Worm Game:

  • It may take multiple screwdrivers to open the bottom of the apple to put in the batteries. (Luckily, my husband has an extensive collection.)
  • If you leave the game set up, it may start going off in the middle of the night. (It happened and scared us to death!)
  • The game works better on hardwood floor (if you have a rug, roll it up before playing the game).
  • This game is now available at: Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Spin Master.

All-in-all, the kids LOVED this game! The noise of the worm moving around can be a little annoying, but the kids had fun and were able to get their energy out. I use rainy day activities when it’s too hot or cold to go outside. I know we will be pulling this game back out during the summer. . because South Alabama Summers + Kids = MAJOR pent up energy!

What are some of the rainy day activities you do with your kids on bad weather days?

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