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Live Original, Be You, and Encourage Others! – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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With Facebook updates of exciting news, Pinterest pictures of a beautiful, well-decorated, clean homes, and Instagram pictures of the best events happening in the lives of those around us, it can be easy to feel insecure or like we don’t measure up. When this happens, it’s easy to try to be someone else just so we can post the updates like everyone else but some might consider this a trap that can leave us feeling defeated, and insecure. By all means, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on social media and if you want to still learn more about social media tools that can improve your experience then please do so, but do it for you, not because your friends or family are doing it. I know I already have insecurities, and when I look at social media, I fall into the comparison trap. Sometimes, it can be like picking at a scab and expecting it to heal itself, but it never does because it is constantly being picked at.

If you’re feeling like this right now, let me encourage you that you are valuable, you matter, and the world needs what you have to offer! Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are a masterpiece. We were each created differently and uniquely, which means we are each an original creation. We need to live that out each day!

Sadie Robertson’s new line at DaySpring is designed to empower and encourage women to live original. When you are yourself and live original, you can encourage those around you! I know that when I know who I am and who my identity is in, I can then teach my daughters to be who God designed them to be. It’s easy to get caught up in “wishing” you were someone else, but you know what? You are great the way you are!

I was sent a few items from Sadie Robertson’s new Live Original line to try out and share with those around me. I truly feel like before I can pour out into others, I first need to be filled and soak in the word of God. When I try to pour into others before I’ve been filled up, I’m pouring from an empty vessel which leaves me feeling even more drained and discouraged.


I used one of the new notebooks for my daily devotional, to jot down notes, verses, and thoughts while reading.

Sadie Line

Last week, a friend of mine was having a rough week, and I wanted to encourage her. I wanted her to know that she’s not going through this life alone. I wanted to remind her that she is valuable as a mom to her little boy and as a friend to me. This Sadie notebook (pictured below) was the perfect way to give her that reminder.

Sadie Launch2

One of my sweet cousins is going off to college a few hours away from home. I wanted her to know that college is a fun, exciting, but difficult journey. I, personally, learned so much about myself during those years. I wish I had kept a journal of answered prayers, things I learned about myself, why I felt like I should change my major, when I first knew my (then) boyfriend would be my husband, and lots of other things that happened when I was in college. I sent her the “Be You tiful” journal so that she can record these times in her life. At the top of each page is either a verse or encouraging quote from Sadie. Even if she is having a bad day and opens this journal, I think she will be left feeling a little more encouraged.


I love that Sadie’s new line is filled with verses, quotes, and just encouragement! I couldn’t even look at my travel mug during jury duty without feeling encouraged (and jury duty with a sinus infection was no fun!). I’m planning on giving the Live Original notepad to my oldest daughter’s teacher. Teachers are always having to write notes, and why not give her a little bit of encouragement too? After all, she is pouring into my child all day long, and I want to be able to encourage her and “pour” into her a little bit.

You can view Sadie’s entire new line here. Which is your favorite item?

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