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Elf on a Shelf Notes, Pranks, Props, & More $1.99 – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Printable Elf Prank Ideas, notes, messages and photo booth props!
It’s that time of year again! Pretty soon your elf will be back to visit your kids and “report” on them each night! We have an elf ourselves. Sabrye named her “Hope” a couple years back. It’s hard for me to make our elf do “mischievous” things with such a sweet name like that, but with this printable pack, I may just have to this year! ???? You can snag a printable elf pack for just $1.99! This pack is AWESOME! It is FULL of great printables! 

Printable Elf Pack Includes:: 

  • 8 “Naughty / Nice list Warnings”
  • 16 “Reminder” Notes – for example: “Always play nice” and “Show more love”
  • 8 Activities to do with your Elf – example: “Let’s go see Christmas lights”
  • 30 mischievous prank ideas for your elf to pull – example: “Find him asleep in the dollhouse”
  • 8 notes for your elf to leave after his pranks – example: “Was I snoring”
  • 8 blank notes to leave your own message / prank / reminder / activity
  • 1 sheet (25 piece) Elf size photo booth props

I am definitely about to purchase and download my pack to start working on some of these. Hope will be back at our house in just 24 days!


Get it here — > Printable Elf Pack $1.99
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