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Make Money Spring Cleaning – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Spring is a great time to open up the windows to get some fresh air, and do some spring cleaning. Whether you hire a company to come and clean your office or you clean your house yourself, cleaning is essential. This is especially true if you have any young children or pets living with you. As much as furry friends like cats and dogs bring joy to our lives, their hair can make your floors a nightmare to keep clean! One of my friends recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner after checking out this guide to the best hoover 2019 for pet hair. Not all vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up pet hair, so if you need something with a little extra power behind it, it is advisable to do some research first. Cleaning your house is also a good opportunity to assess whether there is room for everything in your house, or whether a de-clutter is needed to get rid of things. Often we keep hold of things that are unnecessary and unneeded by us, and a good declutter is the best way to resolve this. When decluttering, you’ll benefit from a Springfield Dumpster Rental to easily dispose of anything you no longer need to make the process much easier. Nevertheless, many objects and household items, despite not having an everyday use in your home, are hard to let go of. If you’re running out of space to keep everything you want, consider looking into hiring out storage units as an option. You can click this over here now to read some cleaning tips! Now, spring cleaning may not be at the top of your list, but did you know you can make money spring cleaning? Firstly, this bitcoin loophole review on might show you how to make a significant profit online. Alternatively, just think of all the items that are not used worn, or outgrown in your house. Now think of the money you can make selling and/or trading them in! If you are struggling financially and could really do with a cash injection then expresskredit online may be able to help you.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but did you know you can make money spring cleaning? See how you can easily make money spring cleaning plus I have included a free printable checklist for you!

How to Make Money Spring Cleaning:

1. Sell Old Electronics.

Do you have any old smart phones, tablets, or TV’s sitting around your house? You can sell them to make some quick cash, or use Amazon’s Trade-In Program to get an Amazon Gift Card for your electronics.

With Amazon’s Trade-In Program, you simply go here, choose what item you’re wanting to trade in, answer the questions on how it looks/works, and then Amazon will offer you up to a certain amount in a gift card. Once you accept the price, you can print a postage label (pre-paid), pack up your items as specified, and drop off the item(s) at your closest UPS.

After the item(s) arrive at Amazon, they will be processed to see if they match the description given. Then the gift card amount will be credited to your Amazon account. Then, you can use the gift card to purchase items you may need like snacks, paper products, or other household essentials.

Tip: Combining coupons on Amazon with subscribe and save will oftentimes make items cheaper than if you used coupons in the store. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your house!

2. Sell Books.

I’m sure you have books lying around your house you no longer read. You may also have some recent college textbooks you don’t need anymore. Instead of searching all over where to find the best place to sell them, you can use to show you where you will make the most money selling your books. Just type in the ISBN number (found on the back of the book) into the search bar, and then it will pop up the top 40 places willing to buy back your book. After you are done picking the place you want to send the books to, you will print out a shipping label, pack up the books, and ship them. You are paid within a couple weeks via PayPal. It’s super simple!

Additionally, if you have kids books that your kids have outgrown and are wanting to replace them, you can take them to your closest 2nd & Charles to trade them in. Once your books are reviewed, you will be offered cash or a store credit. I do this pretty regularly and pick the store credit so that my girls can replace a few of their books they have outgrown.

Tip: 2nd & Charles also buys back DVD’s, Comic Books, CD’s, and Game Systems. See a list of the items 2nd & Charles will buy back here.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but did you know you can make money spring cleaning? See how you can easily make money spring cleaning plus I have included a free printable checklist for you!

3. Sell Fitness and/or Sports Equipment.

Do you have fitness or sports equipment in your garage you don’t use anymore? It can fetch you a pretty penny. List it on your personal Facebook timeline, in one of the local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, or Craigslist to sell it locally. Be sure to offer it for a decent price so it will sell. (Be sure to exercise caution when meeting someone you don’t know to sell something. Meet in a well-known place during the day, and don’t give anyone you don’t know your address.)

4. Sell Outgrown Baby Gear/Clothes.

If you have outgrown baby gear and/or clothes in good condition, you have a gold mine! Baby gear and clothes can be very expensive, and if you’re willing to part with the outgrown items, you can make some quick cash! You can either sell them at a consignment store, have a garage sale, or sell them in a local Facebook Group. If you have a crib bedding set you no longer use in good condition, those sell very well too.

Tip: To sell the items quickly, bundle the same sizes together. For example, you can bundle all of the 3-month items together and sell it as a wardrobe. It also keeps you from having to meet multiple sellers to sell individual outfits.

5. Sell Name Brand Purses, Clothes, & Shoes.

Do you have a couple name brand purses you no longer use? A designer dress with the tags still on it you never wore? A pair (or two) of name brand shoes you don’t wear at all? Clean them out, sell them, and make some room in your closet. If you don’t want the hassle of selling in a Facebook Group, you can request a FREE trade-in bag from Thred-Up here. Just stuff all of your designer accessories and clothes in the bag, drop it off at the post office, and then wait for your email letting you know how much they are going to give you. You can choose a cash payout, or choose a store credit. If there are items that Thred Up cannot accept, they donate it to a local charity. (The store credit is great if you need to purchase clothes for your kids. Thred Up has both new and used designer and name brand items.)

Additionally, Ebay is a great place to sell name brand purses and name brand clothing items. You can take pictures of the items and list them from your phone via the app. The only downside to this is that you will have to package up the items individually to ship them to each buyer, but it’s still an easy way to make some cash. Of course, it’s more time consuming for people selling the odd item here and there, but businesses using Ebay will have a much easier process. Businesses and regular Ebay sellers have been making use of this Ebay vero list to help them with their listings. This ensures that their listings don’t fall victim to flag shipping. Perhaps more consistent Ebay sellers should consider looking into that more, it could help them to earn more money.

To help you make money spring cleaning, I have a FREE checklist for you. It has items listed room-by-room you can sell, with a spot to check off that room/space when you are done. You can also use it to track how much you make spring cleaning. Just enter your name and email address in the box below to receive it.

You may not be able to sell or get a credit or gift card for all items you are getting rid of in your house. If you can’t sell the items, consider donating them for a tax deduction. Were you able to make money spring cleaning?

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