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Last Minute Christmas Gifts (for all budgets) – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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I normally have all of my Christmas shopping done by this point, but this year, I’m slacking. I need to find some ‘Cadeaux Personnalisés‘, or personalized gifts in English, as soon as possible. Things have been crazy, and I just don’t have all of my Christmas Shopping done. Although I have only a couple gifts left to pick up, it’s still stressful. Finding a great give even when you’re not under pressure can still be tough, especially if you are interested in finding something similar to these personalized bracelets or other gifts. Since I figured I can’t be the only one that has a few last minute Christmas Gifts to pick up, I wanted to help you out as well, you can visit many sites for gift ideas if you’re REALLY struggling like giftunicorn, or I have a few Christmas Gift Ideas for EVERY budget!

$10.00 and Under:


Popcorn Tin + RedBox Rentals

Have a family to buy for? How about picking up a popcorn tin and giving a couple RedBox rentals? Purchase the rentals from RedBox* and use this cute FREE printable to write down the RedBox codes. Then give the printable/codes with the popcorn tin for a “movie night”.

Chick-fil-a Calendar

The Chick-fil-a calendars are just $7.00 and have a freebie for each month! Purchase one for a gift and for yourself since it will pay for itself throughout the year.

$25.00 and Under:

Games and Snacks

OK, this may sound crazy, but does anyone else love a good game night? For a family gift, you can always gift a board game (or two) with a few fun snacks like popcorn and cookies. It’s a great themed gift, and I’m sure the family will love it!

Restaurant Gift Cards

There are a lot of restaurants offering bonus gift cards when you purchase a gift card! Keep the bonus gift card for yourself or gift it as well. Here is a list of restaurant gift card promotions:

  • Chili’s: $10.00 Bonus Gift Card when you purchase $50.00 in gift cards
  • Logan’s Roadhouse: $10.00 Bonus Card when you purchase a $50.00 gift card
  • Longhorn Steakhouse: $5.00 Bonus Card when you purchase $25.00 in gift cards online
  • O’Charley’s: $10.00 in Rewards when you purchase $25.00 in gift cards
  • Olive Garden: $10.00 in Bonus Cards when you purchase $50.00 in gift cards
  • Outback: $10.00 Bonus Gift Card when you purchase $50.00 in gift cards
  • Red Lobster: $10.00 off coupon when you purchase a $50.00 gift card
  • Texas Roadhouse: $5.00 e-Gift Card when spending $30.00 in gift cards online

Throw in a baby sitter when you gift this to a young couple with kids, and they will thank you forever! ????

Personalized Gifts

Why not give someone a gift that is personal to them or to your relationship with them. Something like a custom photo keychain, would look really great on their keys but it would also be a daily reminder of a great memory, friendship or relationship! Many people love receiving personal gifts because it reminds them that they are loved and cared for by the people that matter to them the most.

$50.00 and Under:

e-Gift Cards or Gift Cards

You can purchase e-Gift cards for any amount. I think $20.00 and under are a great amount for a gift and/or stocking stuffer. For a couple, you can always gift a $50 one and you have two gifts knocked out in one! You can have the e-Gift cards emailed to your recipient or print it and put in an envelope for a gift.

$100.00 and Under:

Amazon Prime Membership

For the ultimate gift for a family, you can gift them an Amazon Prime Membership!

With an Amazon Prime Membership, you get the following:

  • FREE 2-Day Shipping
  • Prime Music: unlimited, ad-free access to more than a million songs
  • Prime Video: unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes
  • Prime Photos: unlimited, secure photo storage
  • 20% off diapers
  • Access to extra coupons each month
  • FREE release date delivery (on new releases)
  • Early Access to deals
  • Prime Pantry
  • And much, much more!

Give the gift of Amazon Prime here. You can either pay $99.00 or three months of $33.00 to break up the amount.

*You can purchase five Redbox Rentals for $7.50. Have the codes emailed to you and you can give two to four (two per printable) to go with the popcorn tin and keep one for yourself!

Need a last minute Christmas Gift? Check out this list of ideas for ALL budgets!


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