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6 Killer Ways to Save Money on Halloween Treats – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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It’s Halloween and that means costumes, candy, and Trick-or-Treating. According to a recent article from CNBC, the average consumer is expected to spend $86.13 per person for Halloween. For a family of four, that ends up costing $344.52! I’m sure that includes all of the treats to send for classroom parties, candy for Trick-or-Treating, and costumes. Nevertheless, it’s still quite a chunk to spend right before the holidays. If you’re wanting to send treats to school and hand out Halloween treats to Trick-or-Treaters without busting your budget, read on for the tips. You may also want to read some free costume tips online in order to look the spitting image of your favourite TV characters like Daria Morgendorffer.

The average consumer spends almost $90 per person on Halloween! With the holidays around the corner, that's a lot of extra money to spend on Halloween Treats and Candy for classroom parties and Trick-or-Treaters. Check out these killer ways to save money on Halloween Treats from @FFDNT.

6 Killer Ways to Save Money on Halloween Treats:

1. Set a Budget.

The easiest way to save money on Halloween Treats is to set a budget. After you set a budget, get that amount out in cash so you aren’t tempted to go over budget and use your debit card.

2. Look for Sales.

If you’ve stepped foot into a retail store in the month of October, I’m sure you’ve seen all of the Halloween Candy. With all of the Halloween Candy, comes sales on different brands at different stores. Basically, the stores and brands know that parents buy Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treating so they compete to get your business. Use this to your advantage and check to see where the best deals are.

Tip: Don’t look for the lowest price; look for the price per piece of candy or treat.

3. Look for Candy Coupons to Stack with Sales.

You don’t have to purchase a newspaper each week to find coupons. Since brands are competing against each other to get the consumer to purchase their brand, they will put coupons on bags of candy! These coupons stuck on bags of candy are known as “peelies” and are normally manufacture coupons, which means you can use them at any store that accepts coupons.

On top of manufacture coupons, many stores put out store coupons to use with the manufacture coupons. Target, CVS, and Rite Aid are some of the most popular stores that put out store coupons. You can normally find the Target Coupons in their ad or use the mobile version of it; CVS store coupons when you scan your CVS card at the CVS Coupon Center or within the CVS app; and Rite Aid coupons in the weekly ad or in your inbox (if you have are on their email list).

When you stack manufacture coupons with store coupons and a sale, you can grab some killer candy deals!

4. Consider Skipping the Candy.

Even though you can grab some great Halloween Candy deals in October, you can always opt to skip buying candy completely and buy another type of treat instead. If your child is having a Halloween Classroom Party, I highly recommend skipping the candy because a lot of other parents will be sending candy. By sending something else, you are ensuring your child gets something other than candy, which can save you money in the long run (think dentist and doctor). Although, if you do feel like they need a dental examination then going to a Gresham dentist or one in your area, in order to sort the problem before the cavity grows. If a cavity is left to grow then that means there is a chance your child could miss a tooth, (or even several), resulting in you contacting services such as for them to have a crown fitted. A further benefit would be your child’s teacher will thank you for sending something else.

If you skip the candy, what options do you have? A lot of popular snack brands, come out with Halloween packaging in snack sizes specifically for Halloween. Plus there are a lot of cheap (and cute) Halloween themed toys that cost just a little more per piece of candy to hand out.

5. Set a Candy/Treat Limit.

Not only is it a good idea to set an amount your going to spend on Halloween, you can also set a candy and/or treat limit. I know some people who live in neighborhoods where people come out by the droves to go Trick-or-Treating so they feel like they need to provide candy for every single child that says “Trick-or-Treat”. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – You don’t have to buy enough candy for every Trick-or-Treater. You can set a limit of x-amount number of bags of candy or x-amount number of boxes of Halloween Bubbles. Once you run out, turn your porch light off and enjoy the rest of your evening.

6. Skip Halloween.

I know that not everyone celebrates Halloween for a variety of reasons. One surefire way to save money on Halloween Treats is to skip celebrating Halloween altogether. Instead of passing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, consider having a family night where you can play a board game, cook dinner, and/or watch a movie together. (I recommend this if you have very young kids because chances are, they won’t remember it and you’re not out any money.)

If you want to enjoy handing out Halloween Treats or Candy this year, but don’t want to shell out a lot of money, consider using one of these tips. You can save money, while still enjoying a nice Halloween.

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