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11 Seriously Amazing Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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I am a coffee drinker. In fact, my husband knows that if my Keurig is on and I’m still a little grumpy to fix another cup of coffee and bring it to me. If you love coffee like me, then I’d certainly recommend that you have a look at a site like The Full Moon Cafe if you are looking to read the latest reviews, guides, and facts about the best drink on the planet. Of course there are a ton of different coffee machines out there that could help you get your coffee fix, if you are interested finding them you might want to take a look at somewhere similar to Identifyr which might help you on the right track to caffeine heaven. One of my favorite things about coffee is that there are so many good things you can do with the coffee grounds! I didn’t know this at first, but until I was recommended to look into something like the articles from the Neptune coffee website, I realized that coffee is a multi-purpose ingredient and can be more than just a drink. For me, this was so interesting. For example, did you know coffee grounds can fertilize a garden, clean your drain, and exfoliate? Seriously! Having a coffee maker like ones found on is pretty much an essential item for any coffee lover. It just means being able to have coffee at any time, which is perfect!
Read on to find out some seriously amazing ways to reuse coffee grounds.

11 Seriously Amazing Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

1. Cleaner.

Have a stubborn dish that just won’t come clean? Or a counter top with a stain that just won’t come up? The texture of the coffee grounds work really well to scrub those tough stains without being abrasive. Place the coffee grounds on the surface of the counter or in the pan and scrub clean with a sponge.

2. Fertilize a Garden or Plant.

Do you have a plant that is a little droopy? Throw your coffee grounds in it (you don’t even have to wait for them to dry). Instead of using stinky manure or expensive plant fertilizer, use your leftover coffee grounds for a blooming garden.

After you make a pot of coffee, don't throw the coffee grounds away. There are so many amazing ways you can reuse coffee grounds. @FFDNT

3. Drain Cleaner.

Skip that expensive drain cleaner! Instead, boil a cup of coffee grounds in a pot of water, and pour the mixture down the drain. Your sink will be unclogged and deodorized all at once.

4. Freshen Your Fridge.

I’m sure you’ve heard of using baking soda in your fridge to trap the odors. Place some coffee grounds in a small bowl and place it on a shelf in your refrigerator. The coffee grounds will soak up the bad smells, and freshen your fridge.

5. Repel Bugs.

I live in South Alabama which means lots of bugs. . ick! Sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of your house (putting a little extra around areas like the patio or porch where you spend more time outdoors). The strong scent will keep a lot of bugs at bay, making for a much more pleasant time outdoors.

6. Craft Projects.

Since coffee grounds are a dark color, you can glue them on paper to make hair, bugs, trees, or something else. Just use your imagination!

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7. Make a Second Cup of Coffee.

Brew a second pot of coffee with the coffee grounds from the first pot. If you want the coffee to be stronger, just use less water since the coffee grounds have already been used one time. It’s an easy way to save money and get in a second cup of coffee.

8. Compost Pile.

Do you have a compost pile? Throw your coffee grounds in it to help break down the foods. As a bonus, it will help with the smell.

9. Exfoliate.

Need to exfoliate, but the budget is a little tight? Mix some coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil and scrub away. See this article here for a recipe on making a coffee ground exfoliate.

After you make a pot of coffee, don't throw the coffee grounds away. There are so many amazing ways you can reuse coffee grounds. @FFDNT

10. Fix Furniture.

If you have kids, I’m sure you probably have furniture scratches you want to fix. Brew a pot of coffee with used coffee grounds, and then mix it with 1/4 cup of water, and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Poor it into a spray bottle, shake up the mixture, and then let it set for an hour. After it has set, spray some of the mixture on a rag and rub it into the scratches to make your furniture look new again.

11. Smooth Hair.

Try replacing your conditioner once a week with used coffee grounds. Rub them in your hair and then rinse with cold water for shiny, smooth hair.

If you already drink coffee, reusing your coffee grounds in a couple of these ways is a great way to save money. You may not see a big difference at first, but just using coffee grounds to shine your hair once a week instead of using conditioner will make your conditioner last longer. Not to mention, the other things you can do to make cleaners and other items last longer.

What are some ways you reuse your coffee grounds?

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