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9 Genius Things to Keep in Your Beach Bag – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Beach Trips are always a fun part of the summer. Whether you are traveling to an amazing spot in Corolla, NC for gorgeous beaches or vacationing in Miami, a day or week on the warm sand is what summer is all about! Since my family and I only live about 2 hours from the beach, we take a lot of beach trips. It’s on those beach trips, that I have learned what to keep in my beach bag. If you have kids, you need more than just a beach towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes in your beach bag. Check out the nine genius things to keep in your beach bag.

9 Genius Things You Need in Your Beach Bag:

1. Body Wash.

When I take my girls to the beach, I always pick a spot with a shower to rinse off the sand. After the first time I took both of my girls to the beach, I quickly learned to take a travel sized bottle of body wash with me. The body wash helps wash off the sand and sunscreen; it makes us all feel better just to feel and smell a little cleaner since we have a two hour drive back home.

2. Baby Powder.

Even if you don’t have little ones anymore, keeping a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag will help you clean off the sand. If you end up with a lot of sand in your hair, on your hands, or feet, you can rub baby powder to rub off the sand.

3. Extra Towels.

Even when it’s just me and my girls going to the beach, I always take six beach towels. Yes, double the amount I need. We keep three to use on the beach, and three to use when showering, and cleaning up before we leave. It keeps us from having to dry off with sandy beach towels – although I’m seriously considering getting some of these sand free towels for next year. Sand can really be a problem for some at the beach, to the point where it even puts people off going to the beach at all. If this is the case, you might even want to bring a beach tent to keep you protected from the wind and sun, check out Seaside Planet to read some reviews on the best beach tents.

4. Aloe.

Even if you use waterproof sunscreen, and reapply it, you can still get sunburned. Keeping a small bottle of aloe with you will ensure you get some relief if you do get sunburned.

5. Cell Phone Dry Bag.

You don’t want to miss the fun photos of your kids playing at the beach, nor do you want to ruin your cell phone. Use a cell phone dry bag to keep your cell phone from getting messed up by the sand and beach water.

6. Extra Floaties.

When my kids see another child with a float or floaties on at the beach, they automatically want one as well. Instead of spending money at the gift shop for a float, I just blow up their floats to play with.

7. Snacks.

Playing in the sun all day can make you tired and hungry. Keep some crackers, granola bars, and kid-friendly snacks like goldfish. Just be sure to choose snacks that won’t melt.

8. Empty Grocery Bags.

After you eat snacks, you need a place to put the wrappers and/or trash. Having an empty grocery bag will keep all the trash together. Pack a couple extra empty bags for wet swimsuits and towels.

9. Baby Wipes.

When you’re at the beach, sand gets into some uncomfortable places. Wipes can help get rid of that sand. Additionally, wipes help clean up sandy hands to eat snacks.

Before heading out on your next beach trip, be sure to pack these nine things in your beach bag. Pin this post for later so you have it before your next beach trip.

Before going on your next beach trip, check out this list of genius things to keep in your beach bag.

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