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15 Ways to Save Money at Papa John's {Never Pay Full Price for Pizza Again!} – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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At my house, we LOVE pizza! In fact, Friday Nights are pizza nights are our house. We regularly order from Papa John’s Pizza. Ordering from a pizza place can cost more money than making pizza at home, but sometimes it’s about convenience. The convenience of ordering pizza and having my husband pick it up on his way home from work quickly had me figuring out how to save money at Papa John’s. I’m a quick learner and before long I not only learned how to save money at Papa John’s, but how to score FREE pizza as well! I’m sharing my tips with you, because who doesn’t like free pizza? ????

Do you have a family pizza night? Before you hit "order" on that next pizza order, be sure to check out these ways to save money at Papa John's so you never have to pay full price for a pizza again! @FFDNT

15 Ways to Save Money at Papa John’s: 

1. Order Online. 

I know most people order pizza by calling, but with Papa John’s, you can save A LOT more money by ordering online! The reason? You can use coupon codes, earn reward points, and you can even split the bill with someone (if you’re splitting the bill with someone).

2. Sign up for the Papa Rewards Program. 

Since you will be ordering pizza online, you will need to sign up for The Papa Rewards Program to earn reward points! The Papa Rewards Programs gives you one point for every $5 you spend. Once you hit 10 points, you can redeem them for a FREE bread side or dessert. Once you hit 15 points, you can redeem it for a FREE medium pizza! The more points you earn, the more freebies you can get! Sign up for the Papa Rewards Program here.

3. Always Sign into Your Account Before Ordering. 

Not only do you need to order online and be signed up for the Papa Rewards Program, you will need to be sure you are signed into your account before you place an order. Doing this ensures you earn your Papa Rewards Points.

4. Fill in your Birthday. 

Save money at Papa John's

I know most people don’t like giving their birthday, much less what year they were actually born in, but Papa John’s rewards you for it! When you’re signing up for the Papa Rewards Program, be sure to put in your birthday. The reason? You will earn 10 points on your birthday! This can be redeemed for a FREE bread side or dessert!

5. Sign up for Papa John’s Text Messages. 

Save money at Papa John's

When you opt in to Papa John’s Text Messages, you get a special coupon code sent to you via text message each Friday. The coupon varies from week to week, but it’s usually a great deal! You can then use that coupon code to save money on your pizza. Sign up for text messages here.

6. Always Check the “Specials” Section. 

Save money at Papa John's

When ordering online, always check the “specials” section before placing an order. You may want to order 3 large pizzas, but it may be cheaper to order four medium pizzas instead. You can check the specials section here.

7. Check Rewards Points Balance. 

Save money at Papa John's

Before placing an order, check your reward points balance. You may have enough rewards points to redeem for a free side, or even pizza!

8. Skip the Soft Drinks. 

I know it’s easy to want to order soft drinks when ordering pizza, but ordering a 2 liter from Papa John’s is more than it cost in the grocery store. If you’re really wanting a soft drink to go with pizza, stop by the grocery store to save some money, or check your stock pile (if you’re a couponer).

9. Sign up for Emails. 

Like most companies and blogs (including this one), you can get special offers and/or freebies for being on the email list! Simply signing up to receive the emails will give you even more coupon codes! Sign up for Papa John’s emails here.

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10. Check for Coupons. 

Once a month or so, we get a few flyers in the mail with coupons to local restaurants and stores. We almost always receive Papa John’s coupons! Those coupons can be used in store or when ordering online. If you don’t receive a text code, or don’t see a special you like, try using one from the coupon flyer.

11. Use Rebate Apps. 

Rebate apps like Ibotta will have a $5.00 rebate when you spend $10.00 at Papa John’s from time to time. These rebates are few and far between, but when you have them, be sure to take advantage of them because it’s an easy way to save money at Papa John’s.

12. Check Frugal Finds During Naptime. 

Did you know that we post deals and coupon codes for Papa John’s Pizza from time to time? We do! Check here for the latest codes and deals.

Do you have a family pizza night? Before you hit "order" on that next pizza order, be sure to check out these ways to save money at Papa John's so you never have to pay full price for a pizza again! @FFDNT

13. Choose to Pick Up Pizza. 

Sometimes there is a minimum purchase required to get free pizza delivery. Other times, pizza delivery may cost a little extra. Plus, you need to make sure you have enough money to tip the driver. If it’s possible, choose to pick up your pizza. It will save you the cost of tip and delivery fees (if any apply to your order).

14. Buy Gift Cards at a Discount.

Using a site like can help you score a $25 gift card to Papa John’s for under $20! That’s at least a $5 savings on top of what you will save using coupon codes, Papa Rewards, and specials!

15. Order During Sports Seasons. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the Papa John’s Commercials featuring notable athletes from the NFL and MLB. When you order around or during sports seasons, you can grab some great deals! For example, normally after the World Series and the Super Bowl, you can score a FREE pizza from Papa John’s! Just check the Papa John’s social media accounts, or check our Papa John’s section here.

Before you hit “order” on your next online pizza order, be sure to use these tips to save money at Papa John’s. If all of these tips overwhelm you, try just signing up for the rewards program and signing in every time you place an order. Before you know it, you will have enough points for a FREE pizza!

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