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15 Bathroom Items to Toss Right Now – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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In the midst of Spring Cleaning, one room a lot of people forget is the bathroom. It’s an easy spot to miss because the bathroom isn’t a place you think of when it comes to spring cleaning; however, there are quite a few bathroom items to toss. I’ve seen some very cluttered and ugly bathrooms in my time, one had so much clutter on the floor they didn’t even notice half their floor tiles were cracked! So they’re now off to see Carl from Tilers Place to find some replacements but that bathroom is still cluttered. I’m surprised by how many of my friends have admitted to forgetting to spring clean their bathroom.

It’s particularly sad as a couple of them have spent a bit of money on their bathroom. I know one of them has recently got a customized shower door, and her bathroom looks spectacular – but then it just got full of items. So I told her that she needs to do a spring clean and get rid of some things. Thanks to her though, she gave me my next idea! I know a lot of people hate spring cleaning and will instead turn to the janitorial services Roanoke based companies like The Happy House Keepers offer rather than doing it themselves, but a company like this will very rarely throw items away for you, so this is one job you need to do yourself!

But what pains me the most is that though people declutter their bathrooms, and clean them, they just forget that surface cleaning is not enough. When it comes to Spring cleaning, all homeowners must understand that it is the time of the year to get their plumbing issues fixed. That means, leaky taps, faucets, clogged drains, and worn-out pipes need attention. However, these tasks cannot be done alone. Therefore, homeowners might need the help of professionals like AC Plumbing (those interested in availing their services can search for Brisbane pipe relining online) who can finish the job at hand quickly. Once the plumbing issues are fixed, homeowners can start cleaning and throwing all the unnecessary items in their bathrooms.

Here are 15 things in your bathroom that you need to toss right now!

The bathroom can be easily overlooked during spring cleaning. Here are 15 bathroom items to toss for a cleaner, more efficient bathroom.

15 Bathroom Items to Toss Right Now:

1. Expired Medications and Prescriptions.

Over the counter medications that are stored in the bathroom, but not used daily can easily go out of date before it’s realized. When an over the counter medication is expired, it’s not as effective. It is best to toss the expired medications and pick up new ones to replace them. Additionally, old prescriptions that you didn’t finish and are out of date should be tossed as well.

2. Beauty Products You Don’t Love.

That under eye cream you purchased last year that didn’t work? Toss it. If you have any beauty products and/or hair care items that didn’t work, go ahead and toss them to clear out that space.

3. Toothbrushes.

According to the American Dental Association, toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months. When you’re spring cleaning, it’s a good time to replace your toothbrush.

4. Make Up.

Since makeup traps bacteria, it has a short shelf life of two months to a year once it’s been opened. If you have some make up that you do not wear very often and has been opened more than a year, it’s best to toss it. Keeping make up that’s been opened longer than recommended can lead to sunburns (from expired sunscreen), breakouts, and skin irritations.

To know for sure how long your make up is recommended to use after it’s been opened, just look on the bottom of your make up. It should have a picture of a jar opening with a number of months it is good for once it’s been opened.

5. Sunscreen.

Check the back of the bottles to see if the sunscreen has expired, and if it has toss it. Using expired sunscreen is just as bad as not using sunscreen. There are always great stock up deals on sunscreen, so you will be able to grab a couple new bottles without paying full price!

6. Beauty Samples.

I love free samples as much as the next person, but they aren’t doing you any good sitting in the bathroom. If you haven’t tried the free samples in the past six months, chances are you aren’t going to try them at all, so it’s best to toss them. They are just cluttering up your bathroom cabinet anyways.

7. Old Brushes and Hair Accessories.

Is your favorite hairbrush missing a few bristles? Or are your pony tail holders barely hanging on? These are some bathroom items to toss because they aren’t doing you much good. Head to your favorite beauty store to purchase a new hairbrush and new hair accessories.

8. Half Bottles of Lotion.

Do you have half bottles of three different lotions with dust on the caps? Those can be tossed because you aren’t using them and the scent probably doesn’t smell as good as it did when you purchased that bottle.

9. Potpourri.

If you have potpourri sitting on the back of your commode covered in dust, chances are it doesn’t smell that great anymore. Toss it and replace it with some fresh potpourri.

10. Ratty Towels and Wash Rags.

I know it costs money to replace towels and using a stained towel to dry off doesn’t hurt anyone. If you have towels in your cabinet that cannot be used because they are full of holes, consider tearing them up to use as dusting/cleaning rags, or donate to an animal shelter.

11. Deodorant.

Broken deodorant, deodorant scents you don’t like, and expired deodorant should all be tossed. Luckily, deodorant is an item you can get for free every few weeks at drug stores so it’s easily (and cheaply) replaced!

12. Excess Travel Toiletries.

If you have more than three travel sized body washes, lotions, face cleansers, hair spray, or shampoos, donate them to a homeless shelter or women’s shelter. (Unless you travel a lot and know you will be using them.)

13. Nail Polish.

That favorite bottle of nail polish you’ve had for a few years? It’s best to toss it and replace it. Additionally, toss nail polishes that are dried up, old emery boards, and rusty nail clippers.

14. Gift Sets.

That body wash and bubble bath you received as a Christmas gift two years ago that you didn’t like the smell of, go ahead and toss it.

15. Old Razors.

Disposable razors need to be replaced after just a few uses, or the blades become dull and do not work as well.

Once you go through this list of bathroom items to toss, you can clean and organize your bathroom easily. A clean and organized bathroom makes it more efficient and can speed up morning routines. After cleaning your bathroom, you can get PAID to spring clean other areas of your house! See how here.

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