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Teacher Easter Basket Idea – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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It’s time for Easter parties at school and daycare. I have found that it is always easy to buy a little treat (non-candy of course) for the kids in my girls’ classes, but harder to do a Teacher Easter Basket. We have been extremely blessed with really good teachers (that is an understatement)! I’m talking about the teachers who go above and beyond their job description!

Don't forget your child's teacher this Easter! Check out this easy Teacher Easter Basket Idea for less than $20 that your child's teacher is sure to enjoy!

Since the note was sent home about Easter parties, I was wanting to do a Teacher Easter Basket for each of my girls’ teachers. I thought of some items my girls’ teachers might be running low on or need since it’s nearing the end of the school year, some items they might can use at their desk, and I wanted to include a treat. I hit up my favorite store, Target, and made these Teacher Easter Baskets for less than $20.00!

Teacher Easter Basket: 

  • Small Easter Basket from the Dollar Spot, $1.00
  • Mead 96-page Lined Memo Book, $3.99
  • 6-pack pencils from the Dollar Spot, $1.00
  • 10-pack of medium binder clips, $3.00
  • Chapstick Spring Trio (Aloha Coconut, Watermelon Splash, and Mango Sunrise), back in Easter section, $2.99
  • 60-count paper clips from the Dollar Spot, $1.00
  • Reese’s Pieces Easter Carrot/Hershey’s Hershy-etes Easter Candy, $1.00
  • $5.00 Target Gift Card

As you can see, I got the items from the Dollar Spot, the School Supply aisle, and the Easter section. The easiest way to create a Teacher Easter Basket is to think of the items your child’s teacher uses on a daily basis (note pads, pens, pencils, paper clips), some items they might can use (chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, a candle), and a couple “splurge” items they will love (chocolate, gift card, gum, favorite candy). I’m sure no matter what you put together, your child’s teacher will love it and be appreciative! 

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