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More Than 50 Storage and Organizing Solutions Under $25 – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Spring time brings the urge for spring cleaning and decluttering. It can seem overwhelming to declutter (especially if you have kids who like to keep every.single.piece of paper). It comes as no surprise that many people want to find a way to manage the paperwork that may be lying on their desks or on the floor. This makes the office look a lot more cluttered. So whether this means checking out a paperless office solution on sites likes, for example, keep documents in labelled folders or keep everything in a draw, these are just some ways that people can keep their office/rooms free of paper clutter.

Then after the cleaning, you have to find organizing solutions that work for your space. If you own a large number of things it might even be worth getting a storage unit, such as keepsafe storage perth. Otherwise, the entire process can be extremely overwhelming.

Using the Kondo method can make it a little less overwhelming since she suggests cleaning up categories of items instead of moving room by room. For example, instead of cleaning out the master bedroom, and then moving onto the next bedroom, you could start with the books in your house; go through the bookshelves in the office, then the living room, kids’ room, and the rest of the way through the house until you’re done with all the bookshelves and have a stack to donate and/or sell. Some people find that using something similar to a prefab garage to use for storage in their homes. You can also move your items into something like Holloway Storage if you’re really struggling for space, it can either be short term or long term, but make sure to shop around and get the best deal.

I know part of my struggle is having a place to put items where they are easily accessible and neatly organized. I found over 50 storage and organizing solutions for under $25! Most of these can be easily labeled so you can keep things more organized (and so your family knows where to put items).

In the midst of Spring Cleaning and find yourself needing some organizing solutions? Here are more than 50 storage and organizing solutions under $25.

More Than 50 Storage and Organizing Solutions Under $25:



Bedroom Closets

Coat Closet




Laundry Room

Linen Closet



Consider using one or some of these storage and organizing solutions as you declutter and spring clean. You can also get paid to Spring Clean! See how here.

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