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5 Ways You Can Get Paid to Lose Weight – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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I am always in need of motivation in my health journey, so what better way than to check out these ways to get paid to lose weight! Making a bit of extra money while also getting health is just what I need to stay motivated and keep me going after my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. From local group contests to fun apps and programs, you can easily make a little extra cash while you lose weight and get healthy. However, to make sure that I do secure the money for weight loss, I need a great weight loss plan! I hear a lot of people utilize this Houston weight loss center to reach their fitness goals, with medical consultations included. This is definitely one I’ll consider.

If you are working to lose weight for a healthier life, you may be like most and need an extra bit of inspiration. A boost of motivation can make all the difference in the world, especially if you’re trying to cut carbs and your kids are eating homemade Mac & Cheese, a cookie, or some other gooey goodness that you’re trying to stay away from. For some, the idea of fitting into their favorite jeans or rewarding themselves with a new dress is enough inspiration. For me, it’s all about cold hard cash. So, these ways you can get paid to lose weight are definitely the perfect motivation to get started working harder on my health. If you are in need of further motivation, then you might find reading a fitness blog can keep you on the straight and narrow.

 Jumpstart your fitness plan with these 5 Ways You Can Get Paid To Lose Weight! Weight loss has never been easier when you have motivation like this!

5 Ways You Can Get Paid to Lose Weight:

1. Join a Biggest Loser Challenge.

In recent years, this has been one of the most popular methods of making some extra money while losing weight. There are tons of businesses, offices, and local groups that do an annual or even quarterly biggest loser challenge. Usually, you can participate by paying $20 or less as your fee. As people lose, there are different things that will be tallied and prizes awarded. Sometimes the prize is all to one person for losing the most weight. In other groups, there will be a prize for the most weight loss, the highest percentage of body fat lost, or the most inches lost.

If you work in an office environment this is likely a great way to get paid to lose weight. One of the bonuses with this method is that if there isn’t already a plan in place, you can easily start one and get others to join in with you.

2. Take advantage of DietBet challenges.

This website offers you a way to gather with people anywhere, not just in your local community, to challenge each other to weight loss. You can browse existing groups, or create your own and set a lower or higher investment rate. Most groups request a $25-$35 bet be placed. At the end of a set number of weeks, if you lost the weight you bet, you win some cash!

DietBet is ideal for people that don’t have a lot of local friends and family to work with on health goals. Since you can set it up to work with anyone in any location, it creates the perfect environment for having a challenge with your friends and family all over the world. Being able to put your money into the DietBet system means no one person is responsible and you can feel a bit safer about the money being handled. Everyone then posts a picture of their scale and a full-length image of themselves to compare week to week. At the end, the winner will receive the total invested, less the fee, as their prize. (A friend of mine did this. She bet $30 on herself, and then her and the team she was on lost weight! She ended up getting $50!)

3. Check out HealthyWage for monthly options.

The difference with HealthyWage over other options is that you can do this without including friends and family. You commit to reaching a weight loss goal within a set amount of months. This is totally your choice of amount and time, so you can make it slow and easy to manage. You then pay a wager that you can pay in monthly installments or all at once. At the end of your commitment time period, if you have lost the weight you set as your goal, you’ll then receive the payout via Paypal or a mailed check (your preference).

The online calculator will show you how much you can earn at the end of the challenge so you can set a goal for yourself. Remember, the max amount you can earn is $10,000. By making just a $10 investment each month, you can easily double or triple your investment.

4. Use the Pact App to earn money off those who don’t meet goals.

Pact is one of those apps that is easy to follow but requires a small investment in your health each week or month. When you meet your goals, you are rewarded by payouts from those who do not meet their goals. This one definitely offers motivation, since you lose your investment fast if you don’t meet goals as expected.

5. Receive discounts on medical coverage.

Did you know that many health plans through the Affordable Care Act offer discounts and rewards when you follow healthy habits? Check with your individual plan to see what rewards are offered. Many times this isn’t cashing out money into your hand, but out of your budget.

Most health plans will reward you with discounts for losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and having a gym membership. A friend of mine was a heavy smoker and she decided to buy the best vape kit to try and kick her addiction. Smoking can be really damaging for your health which is why vaping is such a popular alternative. She told her health plan that she had quit smoking and they gave her a discount on her annual plan. Some will even pay for your gym membership and personal trainer sessions so you can get healthier. Those savings add up and become cash in your budget.

If you are working to lose weight and need some extra reward for your motivation and commitment, these are great ways to make some money. Why not better your health and your budget at the same time?

Have you tried any of these ways to get paid to lose weight? If so, what worked best for you?

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