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HUGE List of Stores That Offer FREE In-Store Pick-Up (The BEST Way to Christmas Shop!) – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Don't fret about last minute Christmas Shopping! Check out these stores that offer FREE in store pick up! Shop from the comfort of your home and have someone else scour the store to find the items.

Do you need to do some last minute Christmas Shopping? I know last minute Christmas shopping is frustrating, and I always leave the store with more than what I went in needing. Not to mention, I leave with about half the patience I walked in the store with, and even more stress with all the lines. What if I told you that you could still do last minute Christmas shopping without as much stress?

FREE in-store pick-up. . . It’s a thing and it’s amazing! I was able to purchase stocking stuffers and pick them up at Target this week! I purchased stocking stuffers like candy, Shopkins, and more. The perks? I didn’t have to go through the store picking out the small stocking stuffers. I ordered everything I wanted online and was able to pick it all up in store. This meant that I pretty much gave my list of items I wanted to an employee, and the employee went through the store to get everything on my list! Y’all, it saved me SO much time!

It is the best way to do last minute Christmas shopping. If you can’t pick up the items, you can list an alternate pick-up person to pick up the items for you. To help you with your list minute Christmas Shopping, I’ve complied a list of stores that allow you to do free in store pick up.


Please be sure the pick-up date is the day you need it (some stores will have a pick-up date of AFTER the holidays and you don’t want that!). Just pay attention to the dates on the item, or look at the options to see which store you can pick it up at today. Here is an example of choosing a location that has an item in stock at Walmart:


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