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How I'm Teaching My Daughter the Importance of Saving for What You Want – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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We always like to do something special with our kids for their birthdays. This year, however, was going to be a little different. My oldest daughter was turning 6 years old just two days after a scheduled c-section for our third child. I still wanted to do something for her birthday but knew it might not be possible for it to be on her actual birthday.

Since I’m a planner, I asked Olivia what she wanted to do for her birthday about a month before her actual birthday. I explained to Olivia that we still wanted to celebrate her birthday, but since I would be in the hospital on her birthday we were going to do something a little earlier. She replied, “I want to go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty!”

Not only was that not an option, it completely blew me away! I replied, “Well, we can’t do that this year. How about we start saving money now and in a few years we will go to New York for your birthday with your Aunt Hannah (my younger sister)?” If you’re trying to save for something at the moment, use this free equity release calculator to see if releasing equity could help.


Thankfully, that answer satisfied her. I’ve tried to instill in my children the importance of saving your hard-earned money for something. This will become an important aspect of life, especially as they get older. This may not be something they’ll need to think about just yet, but the importance of timing your investments is one that I would like to teach them one day. But until then, learning to save money is just as important.

Or, it doesn’t have to be anything in particular, just saving money is important. Finding the best deals like using the Sunrise Cash Cow can help families and individuals with saving money whilst getting the things that they want/need. In fact, to teach my children this important lesson, we save all of our “pennies” (change) throughout the year so that we can purchase season passes to our local water park. Each time the kids put more “pennies” in the bucket, they are excited to see the amount grow. In May when we count the “pennies” they are always excited to see how their hard work has paid off throughout the year and we can pay cash for season passes. It might also be a good idea in the future for me to explain to my children how debt consolidation companies, knowing what support they can provide when life happens and you have a range of loans can really help them. But I digress.

Now that Olivia has seen how saving money for a purpose can pay off, she has started saving her money for a trip to New York City. It may take a couple years to have enough “pennies” saved up, but I have no doubt that she can do it. I’m also happy to see her happily saving her money for that trip; it shows me that my kids really do listen . . . sometimes. ????

I learned the importance of saving with a purpose at a young age, and I’m glad I am teaching it to my kids now. Whether you are saving for your dream house, trip of a lifetime, or something else, be sure to remember the purpose for which you are saving. Have a reminder of the why so you don’t lose sight of the end goal. Olivia has her “New York” state necklace as a reminder of her dream trip. When she wants to use her money for something else, her necklace is a gentle reminder of her purpose for saving.

livie 2

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