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Get PAID to Work Out with Shop Your Way! – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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You can EARN FREE Shop Your Way points just for being active. I use these free points to snag free clothes and other items!

If you have a Jawbone, FitBit, use My Fitness Pal, or workout, you can be getting some FREE Shop Your Way points for using it! With just a few clicks to connect your fitness device or app and start getting paid while you burn calories.


You can EARN FREE Shop Your Way points just for being active. I use these free points to snag free clothes and other items!

Make sure you are signed up with a Shop Your Way Account first (it’s FREE and easy)! Go here to get a FREE Shop Your Way Account and to make me your personal shopper (also free). Then go here and click on “get started” to set up your account with Fit Studio. You earn 2,000 points just for setting up your Fit Studio Account, another 2,000 points for completing your profile, and then 1,000 points for connecting a device.

You can choose from various devices to connect to keep up with how many calories you burn. You earn 2,000 points for every 1,500 calories you burn, plus there are more ways to earn points for being active. This can really add up each week! You receive the points delivered to your account once a week to use on almost anything through Kmart or Sears. You only have around seven days to use the points; however, it’s still a week to snag some items. So if you’re wanting to take away some free items too, it might be worthwhile trying to click here for an array of mens tracksuits or find other alternatives to start working out and earning while you’re doing so!

I use these Shop Your Way points for the “extras”. I’ve used the points to snag free beach towels, free tee-shirts or dresses for my girls, and I even snagged a FREE Halloween Costume for my youngest daughter (you can see her here in it) with the fitness points.

Here is how to score the very best deals at Kmart and Sears!

  1. Add me (Megan Strickland) as your FREE Personal Shopper or choose one of my great colleagues to make sure that you get exclusive client coupons, offers, and 90-days FREE shipping with Shop Your Way Max. PLUS Shop Your Way will sometimes send you client appreciate points just for being a client! ? Click to choose a complementary Personal Shopper.
  2. Go here to set up an account with Fit Studio. Make sure you complete your profile and connect a device so that you can earn points for all of the calories you burn. You can use these points to save big on Christmas Gifts!
  3. Score FREE printable coupons and search my FREE coupon database as well!
  4. Make sure to score ALL the best deals at Sears and Kmart! Follow My Personal Shopper on Facebook and My Personal Shopper on Twitter!


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