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5 Ways to Save Money on School Clothes + How to Get $50 in FREE Clothes! – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Kids go through clothes like crazy! I mean, am I the only mama that has purchased a new pair of blue jeans for my kid and within a week they no longer fit her?? It’s crazy how they can hit growth spurts so quickly! They can also stain and rip clothes quickly too. It’s because of these things that I want you to know that you do not have to pay full price for your kids’ clothes. In fact, you don’t always have to buy new clothes for your kids. Here are a few ways you can save money on your kids’ back to school wardrobes.

Shopping for Back to School Clothes doesn't have to break the bank. Here are 5 ways to save money on school clothes plus how to get $90 in FREE clothes!

1. Take advantage of sales with coupon codes.

Never be afraid to use coupons! They save you so much money and there are a lot of great sales currently going on. Many stores have clothes marked down and there is a coupon code to stack on top of it to bring your cost way down! If you’re ever wondering if there is a coupon code for a particular store, you can always check here.

2. Check with other moms.

If your child has to wear a uniform to school, check with other moms to see if you can do a uniform trade, or sell them at a discounted price. Oftentimes, moms will do this but don’t because they are afraid to ask.

3. Sell your kids’ outgrown clothes.

Many cities have local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Groups where you can list all kinds of items to sell or trade. This time of year, moms are going through their kids’ closets to see what fits and what doesn’t they are listing for sale or trade. Do the same with your kids’ clothes and you may end up making enough money from the clothes that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket for new clothes.

4. Check clearance racks and stack with in-store coupons.

As I mentioned in number two, many stores are marking down clothes right now. If you prefer to shop in the store, make sure you check the clearance racks. You can use the $10.00 off $25.00 JCPenney Coupons and $10.00 off Kohl’s Coupons with clearance prices to save even more money! Make sure you always check and get any retail store coupons you can before heading out to really stack on the savings.

5. Cash in your rebates to shop.

If you use money saving mobile apps, Swagbucks, or take surveys online in your spare time, chances are you have quite a good bit when you add it all together. If so, now is the time to cash out if you don’t want to spend any money out of pocket on your kids’ clothes. Many of these places will let you cash on via PayPal or even a gift card to a store. You can turn around and use the gift cards to pay for school clothes.


Bonus:: Take advantage of free credits from places like Schoola, Thred-Up, and Twice.

Think for a minute how quickly your child outgrows his/her clothes and how nice they still look when they no longer fit. These are the kind of clothes you can get for FREE from Schoola, Thred-Up, and Twice right now! Schoola and Thred-Up also have clothing items that are new with tags.

You can get $31.20 in FREE Clothes from Schoola! Here’s how::

  1. Go here to get $15.00.
  2. Create a “collection” to get another $10.00 credit (To do this, click on “collections” at the top > New Collection > Create a Collection).
  3. Add $50.00 of clothes to your cart.
  4. At checkout, use the coupon code BACK2SCHOOLA20 to save an additional 20%. It will drop your price to $24.96.*

You can get an additional $20 in FREE clothes from ThredUp! Here’s how::

  1. Go here and sign up.
  2. Verify your email address (you have to do this to get your credit).
  3. Add an item or two to your cart and at checkout your $20.00 credit will be applied. You can add an item of around $15 or less and the $20 credit should cover shipping as well.

The bottom line is, you just need to get creative. There are a lot of ways out there to save on your kids’ clothes and to get completely free clothes.

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