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Valentine's Day Chalkboard Candy Jar – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Valentine's Day Chalkboard Candy Jar

If you need a gift for Valentine’s that just keeps on giving a candy jar is a great way to go.  Fill it up once with candies when you gift it and it can stay out on a desk, shelf, or counter for seasonal candy refills. You can use a mason jar for this that has at least one side without raised lettering but this craft is a perfect way to upcycle spaghetti, jelly, or pickle jars too!  The chalkboard surface makes a fun spot for doodling or jotting down a reminder to pick up more candy!


You will need::

Quart Glass Jar


Heart Stickers

Spray  Black Chalkboard Paint



Alcohol/Paper Towel

Valentines Day Chalk Board Jar Supplies



Wipe your jar down completely with an alcohol dampened paper towel to remove any oils and fingerprints-this will help the paint adhere better.

Allow jar to dry completely.

Lay out your design by placing heart stickers in your desired pattern over jar, I initially tried to add some stripes using painters tape but I prefered just the heart pattern and wanted to leave plenty of room for writing with chalk. Be sure to press down your stickers firmly to create crisp edges.

valentines day chalk board candy jar process

Take your jar outside into a well ventilated area and spray with a light tack coat.

Allow first coat to dry for 5 minutes then apply 2-3 more coats until well covered.

chalk board candy jar spray paint process

Dry jar for 1-2 hours then carefully peel off stickers.

Fill with candy (we chose yummy conversation hearts)

chalk board jar candy

Place lid on top.

Wrap twine around neck of jar a couple times, creating a loop for your chalk, slip chalk in loop.

Write a sweet note on the jar or leave a clean slate for them to doodle on.

Add a tag or card if desired and your handmade Valentine is ready to go!


chalkboard candy jar finalYou can “pin” this fun Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Jar project here.


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