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7 Ways to Redecorate Without Spending a Dime – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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No matter what your decorating style or theme is there are things you can do around your home to breathe new life into it without breaking the bank on a major decoration renovation. There are affordable products if you do need to buy some things brand new, such as quality peel and stick wallpaper which is much cheaper than the traditional alternative, but it is possible to simply reuse, repurpose, and reassign new homes for what you have and you will be amazed at the transformation. As a finishing touch you might even want to get some blinds (visit website for more information) for the chosen room to give it a touch of sophistication. Use these seven ways to redecorate without spending a dime to update your home.

Redecorating your home can be super expensive if you let it, but it doesn't have to be! These 7 ways to redecorate without spending a dime will show you how to have a professionally decorated home for FREE!

1. Use Paint.

If you have a can of spray paint in your garage-even white or black you can transform anything from a small knick knack to a larger furniture piece. Do you have some outdated brass decorations-candlesticks, trays, statuettes? Paint them all the same color then group them on a shelf for a fresh update. Give mismatched frames a new lease on life by painting them all one color to create a stunning photo collage on a main wall.

2. Borrow from other rooms.

If the color match, or even add a pretty contrast, swap throw pillows, a lamp, maybe a rug from one room to another and you will be surprised how much things that were already in your home can look. An unused globe on your child’s shelf makes a beautiful piece on the coffee table in most any decorating style. Sometimes even just moving it from one area in the room to another can bring about big changes. If you’ve got a piece of furniture from somewhere like antiques world, just moving it into a more modern and open room can transform the overall look significantly because of the contrast between old and new.

3. Host a swap.

If you still have items that are in good condition and stylish but you have just grown tired of them, consider hosting a home decor swap. Invite your friends, may offer coffee and dessert, have them bring items that they are finished with as well-lamps, throw pillows, frames, statues, knick knacks, floral arrangements, or even dishes. Maybe they’ll have a rug conducted by Bazaar Velvet or something similar. Put out a couple folding tables to give everyone an area to set up and let the trading begin. Everyone can go home with brand new pieces to transform boring old spaces without a dollar changing hands!

4. Think outside the box/basket.

Look around your home and find things to repurpose in new ways. Flat bottomed baskets can be hung on the wall in the bathroom and used to hold rolled wash cloths. Hang a beautiful quilt up on the wall as an art piece. You can even use old shirts, sweaters, or skirts to cover throw pillows, tuck the ends underneath and behind and you don’t even have to break out the sewing machine. Bring vintage Pyrex or McCoy bowls out of storage and use them on an entry table for keys and change.

5. Clear it out.

This may seem like the opposite of what you want to do, but maybe the face lift your home decor needs is room to breath. If counters are piled high with things to be put away, you can barely sit on the couch for all the pillows, or your kitchen table looks like Michael’s gave birth then think about clearing out. Start in one room, remove all non-essential items {basically everything but the sofa and the coffee table} then start putting items back one by one. Begin with your favorite item, then next favorite, and so on until you think it looks good. If you are not going to repurpose the items left over somewhere else in the house-get rid of them! Set out a couple folding tables for a swap to get rid of what you don’t want and maybe even get some new decor pieces!

6. Add some green.

No, not that kind {it really does not grow on trees}. Pull up some ferns or ivy from your yard, post them in stainless mixing bowls with rocks in the bottom for drainage, gather long slender sticks and leave them natural or spray paint them and place them in vases on shelves {so these are not green but still. . . it’s natural}. Keep an ever-changing bouquet of flowers from the yard on the coffee table and/or kitchen counter. Plants and flowers always add life to any space into which they are placed.

7. Find decor online.

Sometimes people just want to clear it out and see it gone so they will gladly part with it for free if you are willing to pick it up. Freecycle, Craigslist, and even online yard sale sites on Facebook are great resources for free items. As long as they are sturdy and in good condition, you can update nearly anything with paint or fabric. Take a look on Pinterest, there is no shortage of ideas or inspiration. ????

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