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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 9-Dining Room – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Besides the Entry Way in my home, the next place we tend to just place things is the Dining Room. Our Dining Room is right off of our Entry Way and it’s just the next feasible place to place items. Although this is a feasible place to put items, it’s not where they belong and it just becomes a cluttered mess {as you can see in my picture below}. We’d been looking at renovating our dining room and we found these acrylic chairs would look good in your dining room so we needed to declutter!

clutter free challenge day 9

This is one area of our home that drives my husband insane. {He does IT work and often has to get up in the middle of the night to work on things. He gets aggravated when our dining room table is so cluttered that he cannot work.} I attempt to clean it, but I end up just “moving the mess around” which does absolutely no good at all. So, today I was determined to tackle it.

The first step in decluttering this space is to assess the room:: How is the room currently used? How would you like this room to be used? Do you like layout of the room? If not, how would you like to change it? What do you need to make this room more functional? After you’ve assessed the space, you can start decluttering.

How to declutter your Dining Room::

  • Put away any items that belong in other rooms. {Most everything in my dining room went in another room. I made a conscious effort to truly put these items away and not just “move the mess”.}
  • Clear all flat surfaces in your dining area {table, shelves, buffets, etc.}.
  • Collect all the remaining items from the flat surfaces and put them in one area to begin sorting and decluttering.
  • Keep only the items that are useful, work, and you want to display.
  • Get rid of the items that you don’t use or like, feel obligated to keep because it was expensive or a gift, or are constantly in your way. You may consider holding a garage sale in the future if you have a lot of items that need to be stored and held away. However, until then, you could use self-storage services like Self Storage Calgary to keep your belongings clean and dust-free.
  • Remove any broken or damaged furniture to donate or throw away. If any furniture has become damaged that you wish to claim on with your home insurance, looking into Kentucky home insurance coverage costs before the fact, or when you move into the property, might be wise.
  • Remove any furniture that you don’t think currently work in your room. Rearrange the furniture to make this area functional.
  • Place a filing cabinet, cabinet, or other simple storage solutions in this area to house the items your regularly use in there. If the dining area doubles as your “Craft Table”, have a place to store your craft supplies near by. If it doubles as a place to do homework, have a small container for pens, pencils, and other materials needed for homework.

This was my “after”. I do need some kind of table runner or something on here. It might help me keep things off of it if I had something cute on it. ????

clutter free challenge day 9 after

What did your before or after look like? Remember to use the hash-tags #FFDNTChallenge & #ClutterFreeFFDNT to be entered into the giveaway at the end of the month.

If you missed any of the challenges or if you want to see more pictures of my messy house, you can catch up here.

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