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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 6-DVDs & Video Games – Frugal Finds During Naptime

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Everyone has that one thing they collect, have to have the newest, etc. . Well, my husband’s is movies. {Mine is books and why I didn’t get done with the book challenge yesterday.} Everyone who has ever walked into our house is amazed at all the movies, and all four DVD racks on the wall drive me crazy because the craftsy side of me thinks, “oooo, I could make this and it would look great right here. . . wait! no room because of all the movies.” haha! Needless to say, I was excited about this Clutter Free Challenge. ????

Guidelines for this Clutter Free Challenge::

  • Get rid of scratched or messed up movies
  • Get rid of out-dated movies {do you have teenages and still have Disney movies?}
  • Get rid of movies you haven’t watched in a few years {chances are your “tastes” in movies has changed and you may not watch it again}
  • Get rid of “questionable” movies
  • If you have video games for a PlayStation, but don’t have a PlayStation, get rid of it
  • Get rid of video games you haven’t played in a couple of years
  • Organize remaining movies and games in a practical place {use a DVD rack, shelf, or bins}

I went through the four racks of DVDs and pulled out all of my DVDs I have not watched in the last two years. Then I looked at each one and asked myself, “Will I really sit down and watch this anytime soon?” If the answer was questionable or no, I put it in a stack. I’ve learned that if I’m questioning myself on keeping something, I end up not using and/or needing it so I knew I could put these in the “get rid of” pile.

Next, I looked through my kids’ movies. I have a 16 month old and a 4 year old, so I thought I couldn’t get rid of the “baby” movies. On second glance though, I realized that we had a few that have not been watched in three years. My 16 month old will never know what movie she is really “missing” if she hasn’t watched it, so I was able to put them in the “get rid of” pile as well. ????

clutter free day 6

Since my husband is currently in Africa, I have to wait until he gets back for him to go through his movies. I was happy to be able to get rid of over 20 though!

I want to see a stack of movies/video games you’ve decided you can part ways with. These days you can play video games without having a physical copy of the game cluttering the house; you could always check out some game servers to play the game on. Upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hash-tags FFDNTChallenge & ClutterFreeFFDNT to be entered to win the Amazon gift card {see the details here}. To catch up on all of the daily clutter free challenges or to see more pictures of my messy house here. ????

Bonus:: Not only did I get rid of some clutter {to just make room for new DVDs at Christmas ???? }, I can now sell these DVDs through 2nd & Charles or Amazon’s Trade In Program for some extra cash for Christmas shopping. This makes it a “win-win” in my book. ????

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