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21 Fun Pool Floats for a Fun Summer

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Summertime is full of days at the pool, beach, and lake. Although I’m not a huge fan of the heat of south Alabama summers, I do enjoy cooling off at the beach or at the pool. Cooling off in the summer is always made even more fun by commercial inflatable water slides and banana boats! They’re always amazing fun for the kids and mine always want to go on them when we see them around. Inflatables are huge in the summer because they’re used in pools too, not just water slides. If you’re ready for summertime, I have a round up of fun pool floats. A lot of these would be fun gifts for someone who enjoys the water and has a summer birthday. There are also great inflatables from places such as Inflatable Gurus who provide a huge selection, ideal if you’re having a party! Read on to find out what I’ve chosen as some of the best pool floats!

Summertime is always a lot of fun filled with day trips to the beach, lake, or pool to cool off. Check out these 21 fun pool floats for both kids & adults!

21 Fun Pool Floats:

1. Gigantic Pink Donut Inflatable

If you love donuts, this is a fun float!

2. Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Floating Seat

This giant pretzel float fits up to THREE kids! It’s a lot of fun if you have more than one kid, and keeps you from having to purchase more than one float.

3. Donut Pool Float with Doughnut Hole Beach Ball

Not only do you get a pool float, but a beach ball with it!

4. Giant Inflatable Watermelon Pool Float

This giant pool float look like the inside of a watermelon on one side and a watermelon rind on the other side!

5. Cool Me Down Popsicle Inflatable Pool Float

No need to put this float in the freezer! Cool off in the pool with this fun float.

6. Ice Cream Cone Inflatable Pool Float

Save the calories and cool off in the pool with this fun float.

7. Giant Margarita Pool Float

It’s 5 O’Clock every time you’re in the pool with this Margarita float.

8. Giant Whoopee Cushion Pool Float

This would be a hilarious gag gift!

9. Bacon Pool Raft

This is the biggest slice of bacon I’ve ever seen! This pool float measures seven and a half feet long!

10. Fried Eggs Float

Whether you like them sunny side up or not, this float would make a great lounger in the pool!

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11. Bottle of Wine Pool Float

Have your wine and float on it too!

12. Reversible $100 Bill, $1 Bill Float

Who wouldn’t like a giant $100 bill. . . except that it’s only $1 on the other side and not real.

13. High Heel Pool Raft

I think this one is my favorite, because who doesn’t like red heels?

14. Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float

This giant pizza slice even has a place to put your drink.

15. Hot Dog Pool Raft

Summertime and hot dogs just go together. This seven foot long raft is sure to be a hit at the next pool party.

16. Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Pool Float

Is this your most used emoji? I know it’s mine, and it would be fun to have this pool float too.

17. Billiard Pool Raft

You may not be able to play “pool” in the pool, but you can lounge on this six and a half foot raft.

18. Jumbo iPool Smartphone Pool Float

This is one smartphone that can go in the pool!

19. Giant Gumball Machine Pool Float

It’s not very often you see gumball machines, and you certainly don’t see them in the pool.

20. Giant Green Gummy Bear Pool Float

Can you imagine how comfortable this float would be? This giant gummy bear pool float is five feet long.

21. Giant Poop Emoji Pool Float

This is the only brown thing I wouldn’t mind seeing floating in the pool. 😉

Of course, you cannot take all of these fun pool floats with you, but taking a couple with you to your next pool day are sure to give you a memorable day. As a bonus, all of these fun pool floats can be used by both children and adults!

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