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NEW Money Saving Mobile App!

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There is a NEW Money-Saving Mobile App! Find out ALL about it here!

There is a new money saving mobile app called Mobi Save! I’m really excited about it too! I found out about it earlier this week, but wanted to try it out before sharing it with you all. (I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried and used first.) I’ve tried it, and LOVE it! Just to let you know, you will start seeing the “Mobi Save” rebates in match-ups here at Frugal Finds During Naptime since it is an extra way to save.

Where can I get it?

Unfortunately it’s not available to everyone just yet. You do need to go here, and click “sign up now”. You will be put on a “wait list”. They are slowly rolling the app out to new users; however, the wait time is NOT long! I got an email within twenty-four hours letting me know I was “in”!

mobi save

What can you save money on with this app?

With Mobi Save, there are FIVE different categories of items to save money on::

  • Food
  • Health and Beauty
  • Household
  • Baby
  • Pet Care

When I went through it, there are actually a lot of GOOD rebates for items. For example, if you have a little one in diapers, you can save $2 on Pampers! If you have a cat, you can save $2 on Fresh Step Cat Litter. You can save on gum, vitamins, juice, medicines, and A LOT more!

How do I use it?

With Mobi Save, once you find an offer you like, you can click the “See details” button to see what exactly the rebate is valid on.

mobi save how to


For example, for the “Ocean Spray Juice” offer, once you click “see details”, you can see that it is only good on the “64 oz or larger”. mobi save how to 2


After you find an offer you want, you can add it to your “cart” by clicking the plus sign in the top right hand corner.

mobi save how to 3

Once it is in your cart, you can add more offers if you would like. After you go shopping, you can click the “camera” at the bottom to take a picture of your receipt and submit it to Mobi Save.

mobi save how to 4


Can I use it with any other coupons or rebates?

Yes, just like the other money saving mobile apps, you can pair these offers with coupons and other rebates. This will make for some GREAT deals when a coupon and other mobile rebates match a Mobi Save offer! 🙂

What is the minimum pay out??

There is NO minimum payout! Yes, you read that right! NONE!

How do I get paid?

Once you upload your receipt, you get paid (via PayPal) within twenty-four hours of submitting your receipt. In fact, when I uploaded my first receipt, I was paid within about 2 hours!

Now, go ahead and get on the wait list. I think you will love this app as much as I do!

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