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Easy Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Here is a round up of easy, kid-friendly breakfast recipes to give your kids a good breakfast and make it out the door to school on time.

Back to School can always be a fun, yet stressful time. I try to look for easy ways to make mornings go smoother. One way is to prep breakfast the night before or make a quick breakfast in the morning. To do that, I like to have a handful of ingredients on hand and a wonderful collection of easy recipes. Here is a round up of some of my favorite kid friendly breakfast recipes to help you make it out…

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Easter, Recipes

Mini Blueberry Pancake Muffins

I enjoy cooking; however, I really do prefer easy recipes. Maybe when I don’t have a toddler underfoot trying to “help” me, I will get to some more “in-depth” recipes. For now though, I will enjoy this season in my life and share my easy recipes with you all. If your kids like blueberry pancakes, this recipe is a MUST try! It’s super simple, and you can bake it (so you’re not standing over a griddle flipping pancakes). Mini Blueberry…

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