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Top Organization Items to Buy at the Dollar Store

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With winter finally nearing its end, many people have spring cleaning on their minds. The days are slowly getting longer, with more sunlight, and everyone seems to be getting over the winter blues. What better way to brighten your mood, than with a clean, organized home? Spring cleaning is that time of year where you literally clean anything and everything! From decluttering your kitchen to having a deck wash and getting rid of that winter grime in your backyard.

I know my backyard is often covered in dirt and sludge from the elements that have appeared over the winter months. Snow can even stain decking so spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to have it professionally washed. The exterior of a home can sometimes be forgotten in the spring cleaning process but if you want to enjoy it in the summer, it’s best to start cleaning it now so you can get maximum use out of your space. It’s so refreshing to see a happy home and garden that you can actually live in comfortably. However, it could be daunting to clean and organize the entire house on your own. There is so much to do brooming, mopping, decluttering, and organizing. That is why hiring a home organization expert could prove to be beneficial. Not only can they declutter the entire house, but can also organize your stuff so that you can find it easily. Remember that this could be a good option if you are feeling stressed and disorganized.

Do you know what is even better? A clean, organized home, on a budget! The dollar store is full of tons of great organizational supplies to get anyone’s home in tip-top shape. Here are some examples of items to pick up, next time you run by the nearest dollar store.

Before you spend a lot of money on organizing, check out the tops organizing items at the Dollar Store. It will save you some serious money!

Top Organization Items to Buy at the Dollar Store:

Grab a Calendar.

You cannot be organized without also organizing your appointments and events. The dollar store has a variety of cheap calendars. Whether you are the type to go for the adorable puppy print calendars, or the type that prefers the simple and plain look. You may even get lucky and find a dry erase calendar. Calendars are essential to keeping organized and you can find them right at the dollar store.

Invest in Kitchen Storage.

Is your silverware drawer a mess? What about your fridge. Do you have cans of pop scattered anywhere and everywhere they will fit? The dollar store is the perfect place to find bins and trays to store your kitchen items, food and utensils alike. Check the kitchen aisle for silverware trays to finally get your silverware drawer organized. You can also find small bins or crocks to keep your bigger utensils contained upright, next to the stove.

Make Organizing the Fridge a Breeze

As for your fridge, look for containers that will keep like items together. A bin for pop cans, a bin for juice boxes, and a separate bin for yogurt will make it easier to keep items together so you will not have to go digging through your fridge the next time you are looking for something particular.

Don’t Forget About Office Organization.

Do you have writing utensils, random papers, and index cards scattered throughout your desk? You can find loads of products to keep your desk organized at the dollar store. Be on the lookout for a cup to put your writing utensils in, plastic or wire shelves to organize your papers, and even plastic tubs with lids to keep your index cards organized.

Scouring the dollar store for organization items is a favorite activity of mine. I like to stock up on baggies to help keep smaller items organized in my home too. What’s your favorite organization item to buy at the dollar store?

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