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8 Ways to Boost Your Vacation Fund

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Summertime brings the urge to take a family vacation, but it’s not always in the budget and you may be tempted to have a staycation instead. A vacation to Disney World can cost thousands of dollars, whereas a beach vacation may only cost a couple hundred dollars and while you could always check out a private jet charter cost estimator if you want treat yourself to a relaxing vacation, you might find that you go for a commercial flight. Regardless of where you’re going, extra money in a vacation fund is always a plus. One thing to try is seeking out the best broadband supplier, as you might be paying more for an inferior service! Here are some more ways to boost your vacation fund.

Planning a vacation? Try these 8 ways to boost your vacation fund.

8 Ways to Boost Your Vacation Fund:

1. Skip the Drive-Thru.

Dinner can be hectic at night, and going through the drive-thru can be a tempting way to ease some of that chaos. But the hotels north coast Northern Ireland will not pay for itself! So skip the drive-thru and cook dinner at home. You can put the money you were using in the drive thru to groceries and the extra in your vacation fund. If you’re lost when it comes to cooking dinner, check out these dinner ideas:

2. Start a Change Jar.

If you use cash to pay for everything, start putting all of your change into a specified jar. Resolve to count and roll it every couple of months to deposit into the savings account. You might be surprised at just how much change this adds up to. We did this growing up, and right around vacation time, we normally had a couple hundred dollars in change!

3. Take Odd Jobs.

Do you have a Cricut machine and can make cute things? Do you have a special skill that you can use to make some money? Do it and make some money to add to your vacation fund.

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4. Use Coupons.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on your grocery bill is by using coupons. Even if you start small and just start saving $10 a week on your grocery bill by using coupons, that adds up to $520 in one year! See how to start using coupons here.

5. Declutter.

When is the last time you cleaned out your closet? I’m sure you have items in there you don’t use and can sell for some extra cash. Maybe there are lots of DVDs lying around the house that you never use anymore. If this is the case, it may be time to give them a brand new home. The idea of selling used DVDs (or any other item) may be a way of making extra money to put towards the vacation fund. Sell items you no longer use and/or want through Facebook Groups, ebay, Craiglist, or even the Amazon Trade-In Program.

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6. Have “No Spend” Weekends.

The weekends are when a lot of people go out to eat or hit the mall. Try skipping those activities and stay home instead. Take the money you would have spent on the weekend in your vacation fund.

7. Take Surveys.

Taking surveys is not a way to “get rich quick”; however, if you consistently spend a few minutes a day taking surveys or doing activities online you normally do, it can add up! You can choose to “cash” out via PayPal or Gift Cards once you hit the minimum amount. When my girls were younger, I would earn $120 in Amazon Gift Cards in less than 5 minutes per day!

8. Cut out the “extras”.

Can you skip girls night out every other week? Or skip going to the movies and wait to rent it when it comes out? Skip the “extras” and put the money you would have spent on them in your vacation fund.

If you’re saving up for a family vacation, try using these tips to boost your vacation fund. Looking for more ways to save while traveling? Try these posts:

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