10 Meals to Make with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are jam packed with vitamins and are good for you! If you're wanting to eat healthier, here are 10 meals to make with sweet potatoes.
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Sweet potatoes are one of those tasty gems that people forget are actually good for them. You usually think of sweet potatoes as the yams covered in brown sugar and marshmallows, but sweet potatoes can be so much more. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, B6, C, D, iron, potassium, and magnesium which the body needs. So, when you have a sweet tooth and want to eat healthy, sweet potatoes are your way to go. Here are 10 meals to make with sweet potatoes!

Sweet Potatoes are jam packed with vitamins and are good for you! If you're wanting to eat healthier, here are 10 meals to make with sweet potatoes.

10 Meals to Make with Sweet Potatoes: 

1. Burger and Fries.

We all love a good burger and some French fries. Instead of the starchy regular potatoes, try sweet potato fries instead. Sweet potato fries are simple to make, and add a lot more to your dinner than regular fries.

2. Sweet Potato Soup.

Sweet potatoes can be mashed and mashed right into a delicious creamy soup. Not only is it a great way to get all your nutrients for the day, but kids love sweet potato soup and will gobble it up.

3. Sweet Potato Casserole.

This is my all-time favorite dish around the holidays! Whip it up and watch it disappear. If you want any leftovers, you better make a double batch of sweet potato casserole. This is the dessert that is actually good for you!

4. Sweet Potato Kale Hash with Fried Egg.

Regular potatoes have been a timeless breakfast food turned into hash browns, but did you know you can do the same with sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes with kale and a fried egg on top make for a perfect combination of flavor for your taste buds to enjoy.

5. Sweet Potato Salad.

Just because your normal lunch consists of a salad and dressing doesn’t mean you can’t add a little extra punch in your meal. Sweet Potato Salad is delectable and easy to make. Healthy never tasted so good with this dish.

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6. Pasta with Sweet Potato Sauce.

Sweet potatoes are so versatile that they can even be transformed into a delectable sauce to layer over your pasta. Pasta with Creamy Sweet Potato Sauce only takes about 30-minutes to make and a few additional ingredients. For a dish the family will love, this one takes the cake.

7. Sweet Potato PB&J.

Want to add a little more nutrition to your kids favorite and the only dish they will eat? Try baked sweet potatoes and PB&J on top or smooshed onto their favorite bread. This meal adds extra protein and nutrition to an otherwise limited meal.

8. Crockpot Sweet Potato Stew.

I love my crockpot! I can plop all the ingredients into the pot before I leave for the day and come home to a house filled with savory aromas. Crockpot dishes are truly great, but the crockpot sweet potato stew is one that will make you beg for seconds.

9. Sweet Potato and Spinach Quesadilla.

Do you want a little variety in your meals? Try a sweet potato and spinach quesadilla. With baked sweet potatoes, spinach, some seasonings, and mozzarella cheese, you have an authentic dish that’s not only healthy but delicious.

10. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.

Who knew that sweet potatoes and chili could go so well together? Talk about nutrition; this dish is jam packed with all the nutrition you need. With only 5 ingredients: onion, sweet potatoes, black beans, veggie stock, and salsa, you can whip a nutritious and delicious option for dinner.

What are your favorite meals to make with sweet potatoes? Share your meal ideas in the comments below!

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