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Couples Costumes Round Up

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Halloween can be a fun time to get creative and dress up. If you have a friend or spouse to dress up with, you can do some super fun “themed” costumes. Here are some of the cutest and fun couple costumes that are affordable. Remember that these prices include a costume for TWO people, so it’s like splitting the cost in half per costume if you’re going in with a friend.

Dress up with a spouse or friend this Halloween with one of these creative and fun costumes!

1. Plug and Socket Couples Costume | Price $30.57

2. Navy Marine Sailor Halloween Couples Costumes | Price $44.18

3. Prisoners of Love Halloween Couples Costumes | Price $36.26

4. Taco Couples Costume For Adults | Price $41.96

5. King and Queen of Hearts Adult Couples Costume | Price $34.26

6. Coke & Diet Coke Couples Costume For Adults | Price $38.29

7. Hot Dog & Ketchup Adult Couples Costume | Price $46.23

8. Peanut Butter And Jelly Couples Costume | Price $24.28

9. Adult Ketchup & Mustard Couples Costume | Price: $46.12

10. Key To My Heart Lock and Key Couples Costume | Price $22.32

11. Chips & Salsa Couples Costume | Price $44.21

12. Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume | Price $22.99

13. USB Port and Stick Couples Costume | Price $17.10

14. Fork and Spoon Couples Costume | Price $37.98

15. Adam and Eve Couples Costume | Price $21.23

16. Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set Couples Costume | Price $34.99

17. Adult SNL Spartan Cheerleaders Couples Costume | Price $53.21

18. Crayola Adult Couples Costume | Price $52.65

19. USA Flags Couples Costume For Adults | Price $61.23

20. Roman Gladiator Warrior Halloween Couples Costumes | Price $42.64

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