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10 Things You Should Do the Week Before School Begins

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The week before school begins is the perfect time for cramming in last minute beach trips and picnics, but it is also the time to start preparing for the new school year. There are a few things you can and should do the week before school begins, so that you can be more prepared and successful when the new school year finally starts. If you are unsure about where to start, take a look below at 10 things you should do the week before school begins, so you can start the new school year on the right foot.

There are a few things you can and should do the week before school begins, so that you can be more prepared and successful when the new school year finally starts. Read these 10 tips to be prepared for Back to School.

1. Inventory your supplies. 

Don’t just double check your supply lists and new purchases, but comb through drawers for other supplies you may have on hand. Purchases left over from the previous year are sure to come in handy and prevent you from buying additional if you don’t need it.

2. Start a bedtime routine. 

Now is the time to ease your way back into the bedtime routine. Start establishing a bedtime as well as activities leading up to it such as brushing teeth, preparing clothes for the next day, and enjoying a book together.

3. Gather your back to school clothing. 

Lay out all back to school clothing and arrange it in an organized fashion. Hang clothing items and arrange them in drawers so they will be easy to access the night before school. Wash and put away any clothing items that you will be using from the previous year.

4. Reach out to new teachers. 

Have your child send a card to their new teachers letting them know they are anxious to meet them. They can also share a few fun facts about themselves so the teacher can get to know them a little better. If your school has an open house to meet the new teachers, make plans to attend it with your kids so your kids can meet them.

5. Take a drive by the school. 

Take a detour by the school, if possible. Show your child all of the teachers who are at school getting their classrooms ready. Point out the playground, entrance doors, and other important spots so your child can get familiar with them again.

6. Head to the library one more time. 

The school year tends to get busy, so head to the library one more time for some fun summer reading. Get some back to school themed books to help get children in the back to school mood.

7. Start looking up lunch ideas.

There are thousands of fun lunch ideas just waiting to be found on the internet. Start a Pinterest board where you can save your favorite lunch ideas. Find new and creative ways to make children’s lunch menus healthy yet fun.

8. Arrange a play date. 

Arrange a play date with school friends so kids can get acquainted again. Find a back to school craft for them to enjoy, enjoy some healthy snacks, and just have fun in the last few days of summer.

9. Prepare your back to school calendar. 

Invest in a large calendar and start filling in important back to school dates. This might include back to school conferences, meetings, tours, and other events. Keep the calendar on hand for easy reference during the year.

10. Create a homework station. 

Arrange a quiet place for children to retreat to for their homework. Allow them to help you create the space that includes a desk, chair, and a computer if needed. Make sure there are plenty of pens and pencils, a pencil sharpener, and other important supplies.


Give these 10 tasks to do the week before school a try. You will find they can help you ease into the new year easily! What tips do you have for getting back in a routine?


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