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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 11–Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

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Today’s Clutter Free Challenge is to clear out kitchen cabinets and drawers. {I’m still working on my cabinets and drawers, and will update with my “after pictures” when I get done.}

clutter free day 11 1

clutter free day 11 2

clutter free day 11 3

To declutter your cabinets & drawers::

  • Remove any items that do not belong in this area and put them away
  • Get rid of items that do not work or are broken
  • Clean out items that you do not use and if they are of value, sell them
  • Throw away food items that have expired
  • Donate food items that your family does not eat {and has not expired yet}
  •  Organize remaining items and pair together “like” items so your kitchen is more functional
  • Use small baskets in drawers to help organize and keep items together
  • Use air-tight food containers to store flour, sugar, tea, and other items
  • Label containers to help keep this space organized {this also helps the rest of your family know where to put items}

How did you do on today’s challenge? Post your pictures using the hash-tags #FFDNTChallenge & #ClutterFreeFFDNT. I want to see your progress. We are almost half way done with the challenge! 🙂

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