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Why I No Longer Complain About Laundry

I used to detest doing laundry. That all changed one day, and I don't complain about laundry anymore.
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A few years ago, I absolutely HATED laundry. Yes, I despised doing it. I considered hiring some commercial laundry companies because I hate doing it so much!! All of it: washing, folding, hanging up, and putting away. I often saw posts on social media about it with: “I hate doing laundry!” or “laundry again?!” or “This pile of laundry never ends!” All of those posts, along with my own detest of laundry, got me thinking about why I hated my own laundry so much. When I looked deeper into my disgust of laundry (which seems so trivial), God reminded me of some things and convicted me.

I used to detest doing laundry. That all changed one day, and I don't complain about laundry anymore.
First, God reminded me of the days I didn’t have as much laundry to wash. I didn’t have as much laundry to wash when I only had to do my own laundry when I was still living at home. I realized I only had all this laundry to do once I married the love of my life. God had answered a prayer and brought my husband and I together. When we got married, my laundry load doubled. I didn’t mind being married to my husband; yet I complained about doing his laundry. I mean, if I complained about something as simple as doing his laundry, what did he think? Did he think that my detest for laundry meant that I didn’t love him? Would he think that if I complained about washing his clothes, that I would complain about something bigger if he were to get sick, have surgery, or something like that and I had to do more than just wash his clothes? (Note: My husband is way too sweet to think things like this and he never did. These were just my own thoughts and convictions.)

Secondly, Paul and I had fertility issues. It took us about a year and a half I fell pregnant with our first child. God reminded me of this struggle. He reminded me of the heartbreaks, ups, downs, and all the emotions that one feels going through the fertility battle. Then when we were able to welcome Sabrye into the world, our laundry tripled. I had more laundry to do because of a blessing. A blessing for which we prayed; how could I complain about laundry when it was a direct result of God’s blessings??


Lastly, God reminded me of His word: “Do all things without grumbling or disputing” Philippians 2:14. . All things, but laundry? No. “All things without grumbling or disputing.” This means everything. While I have not yet completely mastered the “all” in this verse, I have mastered it in the laundry department.

Now when I do laundry, I see little stains and I’m reminded of the fun times we had that caused those stains. When I see the spaghetti sauce stain on Landrye’s shirt sleeve, I remember the weekend my husband took me out of town for our anniversary, my parents kept the girls, and fed Landrye spaghetti (which she had fun eating, hence the stain I can’t get out). When I see the chocolate milk stain on my white shirt, I’m reminded of the time I was shaking up Sabrye’s chocolate milk and it spewed out on my shirt and on Sabrye, causing us both to start giggling. When I see the barbecue stain on my husband’s white shirt, I remember fixing him one of his favorite meals and him dropping it on the front of his shirt. If your laundry could talk, what kind of stories or memories would yours tell?

Dirty clothes are a direct result of God’s blessings. Once you think of your laundry as a direct result of God’s blessings, your whole view changes! You see, one of the things I detested to do was due to God’s blessings. God blessed me with a godly husband. Then God blessed us with two beautiful daughters. I no longer have just my laundry to quickly wash. My laundry has quadrupled! It’s OK though, I’d rather have four times the laundry because of a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters, than just mine any day!

Please note: Just because I don’t complain about laundry doesn’t mean that I have a perfect laundry system or that I don’t have laundry baskets full of clean clothes that need to be folded.

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