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2019 Tax Free Weekend Schedule

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School is starting back soon, which means the 2019 Tax Free Weekend is coming! With tax free weekend (or tax free weeks in some areas), you can purchase select items (for school) with no taxes. The items eligible for no taxes vary from state to state (as do the dates). I’ve listed the dates for each state I could find below. Be sure to read this article for tips on how to save more money during tax free weekend.

Save even more money on your Back to School Shopping by shopping during your state's tax free weekend. This post has the 2019 Tax Free Weekend Schedule.

Tax Free Weekend 2019:

  • Alabama                         July 19-21
  • Arkansas                        August 3-4
  • Connecticut                   August 18-24
  • Florida                            August 2-4
  • Iowa                                August 2-3
  • Maryland                       August 11-17
  • Massachusetts              August 10-11
  • Mississippi                    July 26-27
  • Missouri                        August 2-4
  • New Mexico                  August 2-4
  • Ohio                                August 2-4
  • Oklahoma                      August 2-4
  • South Carolina              August 2-4
  • Tennessee                      July 26-28
  • Texas                              August 9-11
  • Virginia                          August 2-4
  • Wisconsin                      July 31-August 4

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