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Two F-R-E-E Games of Bowling EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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It’s back again this year! You can sign your kids up to bowl two free games each day this summer! The best part? Most of the centers across the United States have already started the free kids bowling! Which means, you can sign up and take your kids to go bowling today for FREE!

Do my kids really bowl free?

Yes they do! You will need to sign them up here. Make sure you have a participating bowling alley near you before signing them up.

How does this work?

You need to click here, find a participating bowling alley in your area, and sign up your kids. Each week, you will receive new coupons in your email for your kids to bowl two free games daily.

Will I have to bowl?

No. You will not have to; however, if you want to bowl, you will need to pay for a game.

Do my kids need bowling shoes?

Yes. You will need to rent bowling shoes. I have found that purchasing used bowling shoes on ebay or at consignment store is so much cheaper if you will be going a couple times a week. You may also want to look into finding wrist support for bowling if you or your kids suffer with any wrist problems at all.

We have done this before over the summer, and my kids have loved it. It’s a fun way to get out of the house, and not have to pay much (the cost to rent bowling shoes if you don’t purchase some ahead of time). This is also something fun the grandparents can take the kiddos to do one day during the summer. Click here to sign your kids up.

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