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Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Ideas for All Budgets

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Teacher Appreciation Day is quickly approaching. This year, Teacher Appreciation Day is on Tuesday, May 8. I think Teacher Appreciation Day is a great time to tell teachers “Thank you!” and “I appreciate you!” After all, many teachers put some of their own money into their classrooms for supplies, items, and even prizes/gifts for their students.

I have some friends who are teachers. A few years ago, I asked them, “What do teachers really want as a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day?” I got numerous responses, but the one that every single teacher friend told me was, “Please, nothing apple shaped.” I mean, it makes sense. A lot of people think of apples when they think of teachers, and there are a plethora of cute apple-themed gifts all for teachers. I’m guessing that teachers who have been teaching longer than a couple of years have gotten their fill of apple-themed gifts.

If you’re wanting to get your child’s teacher a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve comprised a short list of Seven Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for all budgets.

Teacher Appreciation Day is a great time to show your teacher you appreciate them without having to bust your budget. Check out these Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Ideas for all budgets!

Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Ideas:

1. Bath and Body Works.

The past couple of years, I have gotten my girls’ teachers the Stress Free Candle from Bath and Body Works or the Stress Free Gift Set for Teacher’s Appreciation Day. It is always a hit and they are thankful for it!

If you know your child’s teacher’s favorite scent from Bath and Body Works, you can get them a gift set in their favorite scent! My daughter’s teacher loves going to the beach, so this year, I got her the Beach Vacay Gift Set from Bath and Body Works.

2. Classroom Supplies.

Many teachers run out of supplies they need to run their classroom before the end of the school year. Teachers have always told me that they love receiving Classroom Supplies! It helps them replenish supplies, and gives them the supplies they need to teach your kids.

Classroom Supply Ideas: 

3. Gift Cards.

Gift Cards are a great idea when you don’t know exactly what your child’s teacher likes or wants. I would suggest a gift card to a retail store like Target or Walmart. Additionally, most teachers like books (or at least it has been my experience), so a gift card to a book store would also be a great idea.

4. Gift Certificate.

Everyone needs to relax, especially a teacher! Get together with some other parents so everyone can pitch in to get the teacher a gift certificate for a pedicure, a massage, or a spa. I’m sure no matter what kind of certificate you give, they will appreciate it.

5. Breakfast or Lunch.

Work together with other parents in the school or the PTO to plan a big teacher breakfast or lunch. Make sure you plan enough time for the teachers to be able to enjoy their breakfast and not be late to class. I love these teacher breakfast ideas from Happy Home Fairy.

Another option is to cater in a lunch. Last year, some parents all pitched in at my daughter’s preschool to provide lunch from Panera Bread. The teachers were appreciative and all it cost each parent was a few dollars!

6. Write an Email.

This may sound trivial, but an email to your child’s teacher’s principal letting them know how much you appreciate the teacher or the difference the teacher has made in your life this school year can go a long way! It doesn’t cost a dime, and yet, it is so meaningful! You can even BCC your child’s teacher so they receive a copy of it as well.

7. Volunteer.

It has been my experience that teachers rarely say “no” to extra help or volunteers in the classroom. I mean, sometimes they have to because of board regulations or something else. If they can’t say “yes” to help in the classroom, sometimes there are things you can do outside of the classroom. You can cut items out for projects, help with costumes for the end of the year school program, or help in another way.

No matter how you choose to show your child’s teacher you appreciate them, I’m sure it will be appreciated. There are a lot of different ways to show someone you appreciate them. If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to follow our Teacher Appreciation Board on Pinterest.

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