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Super Nintendo NES in Stock at Toys R Us!

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Woohoo! Toys R Us will have the Super Nintendo NES tomorrow, November 27 in stores! If you want one, be sure to get there early. I suggest getting there a few HOURS before the store opens. There is a limit of one per customer.

Usually, Toys R Us will hand out tickets and it will be first come first serve. The amount of tickets they hand out depends on how many Nintendo Game Systems they receive on their truck. If they receive twenty, then the first twenty people will receive a ticket to purchase a game system. On the other hand, if they only receive two, the first two people will receive a ticket. Click here to find a store near you.

According to the Toys R Us website, it looks like this system will be $79.99. If you want to skip the line and grab one now, Amazon has the Super Nintendo NES Game System for just $49.99!

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