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Easy DIY Halloween Scrappy Banner

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It’s that time of year where there is pumpkin everything, black scary cats, and spooky ghost decorations. I’m not into the scary, spooky decorations, but I do like the cute pumpkins, candy, and cats.

My girls ask about Halloween Decorations every year. They know we don’t do the scary stuff, but wanted more than pumpkins this year. I decided to look for some material to make a cute Halloween Scrappy Banner. It literally took me 20 minutes to make and is so cute! Read below to find out how you can make a Halloween Scrappy Banner.

Materials Needed: 

  • 3 different fabric patterns (I picked up three Halloween fat quarter fabrics for just $0.97 each at Walmart.)
  • 3 different ribbons (try to match up coordinating colors)
  • Twine or Jute


1. Lay out the material and ribbons to match up the coordinating colors so you know what pattern you want to do.

2. Cut the fabric into strips. They can be uneven (long and short to make it more “scrappy”.)

3. Cut the ribbon into different sizes.

4. Lay out the piece of jute or twine for the length you want to make the banner.

5. Tie a piece of patterned fabric on the piece of twine, followed by a ribbon.

6. Tie the second piece of  patterned fabric on the piece of twine, followed by a different ribbon.

7. Tie the third piece of patterned fabric on the piece of twine, followed by the third colored ribbon.

8. Repeat the pattern, until you have the banner the length you want it.

9. Once you are done, hang up your banner.

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