Coupon Insert Previews

Coupon Insert Preview October 15

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Here is a sneak peek of the coupons that will be in this Sunday’s Newspaper. There will be one insert (1 Smart Source). Keep in mind, some of these coupons will be regional. The best way to be sure to get the best coupons is to either order inserts, or to purchase the biggest newspaper in your area. You can also ask your non-couponing friends and family for their coupon inserts.

Smart Source

AmLactin $3/1 product excluding trial and foot repair cream (12/31)

AmLactin $7/2 products excluding trial and foot repair cream (12/31)

Bausch+Lomb $3/1 ocuvite product (12/15)

BIC $2/1 disposable razor pack ets (11/2)

Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+ (10/28)

Colgate $1.50/1 360 twin pack or multi-pack manual toothbrushes excluding all free product packs (10/21)

Colgate $1.50/1 twin-pack or multi-pack 4oz+ (10/28)

Dole $1/2 fruit bowls packages (12/10)

Elmer’s $1/3 pourable glues 4oz+ (11/30)

Irish Spring $.50/1 multi-bar soap packs 6pk+ (10/28)

Irish Spring $1/1 body wash excluding 2.5oz (10/28)

Kikkoman $.75/1 stir-fry sauces, sweet & sour sauces, orange sauce & teriyaki baste & glaze sauces dnd (12/31)

Kikkoman $.75/1 teriyaki takumi sauces dnd (12/31)

Kotex U $1/1 pads or liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (11/11)

Kotex U $1/1 tampons or security tampons ets (11/11)

Kotex U Fitness $1/1 product excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (11/11)

Nature Valley $.50/2 granola bars, biscuits or granola cups 5ct+ (12/9)

Phillips Sonicare $10/1 2 series plaque control, 3 series gum health or healthywhite+ rechargeable toothbrush (11/19)

Phillips Sonicare $10/1 airfloss or essence+ rechargeable toothbrush (11/19)

Phillips Sonicare $5/1 brush head pack excluding powerup and eseries (11/19)

Phillips Sonicare $5/1 for kids rechargeable toothbrush (11/19)

Physicians Formula $4/1 item $5+ (10/28)

Purina $2/12 3.5oz trays or 1 12ct variety pack wet dog food (12/15)

Purina B2G1 free 3.5oz wet dog food trays up to $.85 (12/15)

Refresh $6/2 products (12/31)

Refresh Optive $5/1 mega-3 or gel drops product (11/15)

Sargento $1.25/2 natural cheese slices (12/10)

Speed Stick Buy 1 overtime, irish spring or lady unstoppable, get 1 free up to $3.49 (11/4)

Speed Stick Lady $.50/1 2.3oz+ (11/4)

Speed Stick Men $.50/1 2.7oz+ (11/4)

Splenda $1.50/1 naturals products dnd (11/26)

Splenda $1/1 product dnd (11/26)

Welch’s $.50/1 fruit rolls or fruit ‘n yogurt snacks 6ct+ (11/25)

Welch’s $.75/2 fruit snacks 8oz+ bag or 8ct+ box (11/25)

Thanks, Coupon Previews!

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