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7 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Using Coupons

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If you’re wanting to save some extra money and/or add some wiggle room in your budget, saving money at the grocery store is one easy way to add that wiggle room to your budget. Using coupons is one of the most common ways to save money at the grocery store, but not everyone has time to look for the sales, match-up coupons, and then clip the coupons. Check out these ideas to save money at the grocery store without using coupons.

7 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Using Coupons:

1. Watch the Sales Cycle. 

I’m going to share a secret with you: everything eventually goes on sale. If the item you’re looking for isn’t on sale now, it will be. Normally, grocery items go on sale every six weeks. For example, if spaghetti sauce and pasta are on sale this week, they will be on sale again in approximately six weeks. This means, you need to purchase enough to last you through the next time it is on sale, or just wait for it to go on sale again.

2. Purchase Produce In Season. 

Have you ever tried to purchase blueberries in the winter months? The prices on them are outrageous! Do you know why? It’s because blueberries are not in season in the winter months; therefore, the price is going to be a lot more to cover the cost of them. Blueberries are cheaper during the summer months when they are in season. Just purchasing the produce you like during the months they are in season can save you quite a bit of money. Not to mention, you can freeze a lot of produce so you can enjoy your favorite fruit during the off season months.

3. Purchase the Store Brand. 

Have you noticed the price difference between the store brand and the name brand of an item? Unless the name brand product is buy one get one free, opt for the store brand to save some money.

4. Try a New Product. 

Usually when a brand launches a new product, they will run a huge sale and/or promotion on it. Many times, it ends up being free after a mail in rebate, or mobile rebate.

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5. Look for in-store Specials. 

Many times, stores will run specials to get a free item with the purchase of another item, a gift card when you purchase two select items, or even a markdown on an item that is overstocked. Using these specials can help cut your grocery bill.

6. Look for Perishable Items Expiring Soon. 

Unlike shelf items, dairy and meat products have a short expiration date. Many times, right before dairy and meat products are to reach their “sell by” dates, there are coupons or deep discounts on the items. Since meat and cheese can be frozen, it’s a great way to save money on perishable items. (Just don’t forget to stick them in the freezer when you get home.)

7. Use Mobile Rebates. 

There are so many mobile rebates to help you save on everything from your favorite cleaning products to milk and everything in between. You simply purchase the product and then up load a photo of your receipt. Normally within twenty-four hours, your account is credited. See 15 must have money saving apps here.

Bonus: You don’t have to clip coupons or stand in line any longer, and you still save money! 

Next time you’re in a pinch to save money and don’t have time to clip coupons, give these money saving tips a try to see how much you can save at the grocery store.

Want to save money on your grocery bill, but don't have time to clip coupons? Try these tips to save without using coupons to save!

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