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7 Places to Find Free Summer Activities for Kids

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Are you looking to entertain kids on a tight budget this summer? If you are pressed for cash and summer vacation is looming closer, look at these 7 places to find free summer activities for kids. With a little legwork, you can find fun and free activities for kids to enjoy, making those dog days of summer stress free, fun, and even more affordable. Check out these 7 places to find free summer activities below.

7 Places to Find Free Summer Activities for Kids:

1. Barnes and Noble.

Not only does Barnes and Noble offer a free summer reading program where kids can earn prizes for reading, but they also offer weekly story hours and even free craft times. Check with the children’s book department for a schedule of events and mark your calendars for some free literary fun!

2. Your local library.

Libraries offer all sorts of freebies during the summer months, including reading reward programs, free computer usage, story hours, craft hours, even free movie nights. Check with your local library for their schedule of summer events and enjoy some free and educational fun.

3. The local park department.

Most local park departments have grants to provide free children’s activities during the summer months. Check with your local park department to see if any free play groups, classes, story hours, lunch opportunities, or craft lessons are available during the summer months. You will be surprised at how much the local park department offers.

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4. Michael’s Craft Store.

Michael’s Craft Store offers free or inexpensive kid’s crafting classes during the weekends and the summer is no exception. Check with your local Michael’s Craft Store and see about any offerings they may have. Some classes require you to RSVP, while others you can simply drop in. Why not stop in and make something fun?

5. Kids Eat Free opportunities.

Find local restaurants that offer free kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal. This is a great way to get out and enjoy a tasty meal for less. Often times restaurants hold “Kid’s Night” as well, where balloons and crafts are available. Chic fil A is one restaurant well known for this, so swing in for schedule and join the fun.

6. Don’t forget the local newspaper.

Not many people subscribe to the newspaper today, and they should! This is where you will find any available free kid’s camps, concerts, or other fun events. Call city offices and see if the city is putting on any free events, and is so ask for a schedule. Chances are your local offices have all sorts of fun up their sleeves.

7. Follow local bloggers.

Do you have any local mom bloggers in your area? You can do a simple search online by typing in your city and the words “blogger” or “mom blogger” and see what comes up. Many of these bloggers showcase free activities for kids in the area and may even have reviews of the activities up on their sites. If you don’t have any local bloggers, follow the blogs of local news stations. Additionally, you can check here for free summer activities. 

Are you ready to enjoy some summer fun for less? Consider these 7 places to find free summer activities for kids and you will no doubt stay busy without going broke!

Looking to entertain kids on a tight budget this summer? Check out these 7 places to find free summer activities for kids.

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