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6 Ways to Save Money on Theme Park Tickets

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Summer is here and that means it is time to head to your favorite theme park and enjoy a day of family fun! With so many theme parks out there, you certainly get the chance to find the perfect one that fits your family and your budget. Should money be a little tight this summer, there are ways to save even more cash on your theme park ticket purchases. Look below at 6 ways to save money on theme park tickets so you can make the most of your summer budget and enjoy your favorite theme parks for less.

Theme park tickets aren't off limits when it comes to saving money. Use these ways to save money on theme park tickets to visit a theme park on a budget.

6 Ways to Save Money on Theme Park Tickets:

1. Check your soda cans.

During the summer months many theme parks advertise ticket deals on soda cans. Check the sides of your soda cans and see if there are any coupons, coupon codes, or ticket deals available. You can find offers good for as much as $10 off a ticket, which makes that soda can worth hanging onto!

2. Peek at Groupon/Living Social.

Especially during the later summer months you can find Groupon and Living Social deals on theme park tickets. Offers will vary and in most cases the more tickets you buy the more you can save. Be sure you have accounts at both websites so you can take advantage of any theme park ticket deals as you see them.

3. Check on applicable discounts.

Some parks offer student discounts, senior discounts, military discounts, and even police and medical discounts. When purchasing tickets always ask about applicable discounts. If one applies to you, be sure to say so and get those tickets for less. Also, be ready to show proof that you fall into one of these discounted categories such as an ID.

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4. Ask about family discount days.

Theme parks often offer a day or two during the summer months at a discount. These tend to be busier weekends, but they come at a great discount. Check out the summer schedule of the theme park you are interested in and see what sort of discount days they have on the calendar. Then, schedule your trip accordingly.

5. Buy in bulk.

Often times theme parks will give you a discount if you buy tickets in bulk or buy tickets that allow you multiple days at the park. Take advantage of these bulk prices if you think you will be spending multiple days at the park or are traveling with a large group.

6. Ask about after-hours tickets.

Do you not plan on arriving to the park until later in the afternoon? If so, an after hours ticket may be available. Some parks offer a discounted ticket that allows you into the park after a certain time, typically around 5 p.m. This gives you less time at the park, but at the same time you can enjoy it for less.

Are you ready for some summer fun at your favorite theme parks? Then consider these 6 ways to save money on theme park tickets and see how fun and easy it can be to enjoy these parks for less.

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