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6 Apps for the Budget Savvy Traveler

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Apps make life so much easier these days, don’t they? The good news is, they can also save you some serious cash. If you are preparing to travel, there are certain apps that can help make your trip a smoother and even less expensive one. Want to know more? Look at these 6 apps for budget savvy travelers so you can make the most of your money when you set out for your traveling adventures.

Look at these 6 apps for budget savvy travelers so you can make the most of your money when you set out for your traveling adventures.

6 Apps for the Budget Savvy Traveler:

1. Hotel Tonight

Many users claim that Hotel Tonight has the lowest prices of any app. This app works best if you are planning last minute travel, and boasts one of the quickest booking sessions of any other app. In just seconds you can book a room at rock bottom prices and get to enjoying your stay.

2. Sky Scanner

This app scans flights so you don’t have to. Opt to receive alerts when there is a flight you might be interested, or book a flight at some of the lowest prices possible. Explore deals and plan your trip from there, or view the calendar at a month’s glance and see what you can dig up!

3. Hopper

This app claims it can save you as much as 40% off your flight. It uses push notifications to alert you of deals, so if you are able to act fast you can in fact score a bargain on your next flight. Hopper does the legwork and finds the deals, then you have a certain amount of time to book.

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4. AirBnB

Make someone else’s home your home away from home! So many travelers are finding great deals and even making new friends with AirBnB! This app allows you to search private homes available for rent during your stay. Choose from any number of bedrooms and amenities, find a renter who allows pets, or have many other needs met by the private individuals who choose to rent their properties at prices below hotels and resorts.

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5. Uber

Once you arrive at your location, you will need a way to get around. Uber is perfect for getting from point A to B and typically costs less than using a cab. Plus, you don’t need to worry about carrying cash and can instead use your credit or debit card for quick and safe transactions.

6. Packpoint

This app helps you decide exactly what you will need for where you are going. Packpoint will ask your activities and even looks at the weather and makes helpful suggestions. This way, you arrive prepared and avoid having to run out and spend money on items you forgot.

Who would’ve guessed that saving money when you travel would be as easy as downloading an app? Consider these 6 apps for the budget savvy traveler and get where you are going for less.

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