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5 Tips to Cloth Diaper on a Budget

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Cloth diapers are a great way to save money when you have a baby. Many mothers get excited over the prospect of saving money on diapers and then they start shopping. Sticker shock hits hard when they start searching and find a USED cloth diaper selling for nearly $100. I have watched many give up the dream of cloth diapering after that. The good news is those diapers are special editions made for collectors not the everyday mom on a budget. You can diaper your baby from birth to potty on just a couple hundred dollars with a little work.

Using cloth diapers is a great way to save money, but can be overwhelming and expensive. Read how to cloth diaper without breaking the bank.

5 Tips to Cloth Diaper on a Budget: 

1. Skip the Fancy all-in-one Diapers. 

Folding a diaper into a pad fold only takes a moment and the cash savings is huge. Look for diaper covers that adjust in size to fit your baby as they grow. These usually feature snaps to fasten closed which means these cloth diapers are nothing like your grandmother’s. No diaper pins and rubber pants are needed with modern cloth diapers.

2. Use Other Materials for the Absorbent Part. 

To fill the role of the absorbent part of the diaper you can use nearly anything from flour sack towels from your local Wal-Mart to cut up t-shirts you find at the thrift shop or yard sales. If your budget has a bit more room you can even get inserts that do not require any folding at all.

3. Use Cloth Wipes. 

Cloth wipes are a great way to save and make your life easier. Cloth wipes clean better and keeps poop off your hands. Anyone that has used baby wipes will tell you how they are never big enough. You don’t have to invest in anything fancy either. I used to use baby wash cloths but, eventually discover cheap regular wash clothes are larger and get the job done even better. No fancy solution is needed for your cloth wipes. Simply run under warm water and ring out before wiping your baby’s bottom. For on the go a Ziploc bag with a wet wipe will do the trick.

4. Wash Cloth Diapers with Household Linens.

Some families are worried about the cost of washing laundry when using cloth diapers. The good news is it really is not much more laundry than you are already washing. Diapers are ready to go after a hot wash and if you do not have a full load you can wash them in with baby odds and ends and/or household linens. Don’t be grossed out by the thought of poop in the washing machine because even in disposables, baby poop ends up in the wash… a lot.

5. Recycle Grocery Store Bags to use on the go.  

Many parents worry about what they will do when out of the house. A cheap off brand wet bag is all you need to trap moisture and odors from taking over the diaper bag while out of the house. If you don’t have a wet bag you can use a Ziploc or grocery store bag for storing wet and soiled diapers in your bag.

If you are wanting to use cloth diapers, consider these tips before you start shopping for cloth diaper essentials.

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