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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Sam’s Club Membership Now

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From the big icees on the cheap for my kids (hello Sam’s Club Cafe) to being able to purchase big containers of Nesquik and big jars of Jif Peanut Butter cheaper than on sale with coupons, I LOVE Sam’s Club! If you don’t have a Sam’s Club Membership, now is the perfect time to get one!

Having a Sam's Club Membership can save you time, money, and so much more! See why you should get a Sam's Club Membership.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Sam’s Club Membership Now:

1. $100 Savings off the Top. 

If you’ve been around Frugal Finds During Naptime very much, you know that I never pay full price for anything, and I try to show you how to do the same. Saving on a membership to Sam’s Club is not off limits, and right now, you will save $100 off the top!

2. Cheap Gas. 

Have you looked at gas prices lately? It’s May, which means, gas prices are on the rise for summer travel. Sam’s Club has a gas station, and the savings keep on coming at the pump! In order to use the Sam’s Club Gas Station, you first have to insert your Sam’s Club Membership Card.

3. A FREE $20 e-Gift Card. 

When you purchase a Sam’s Club Membership for $45, you get back a $20 gift card to use in store or online.

4. A FREE Rotisserie Chicken. 

Sam’s has yummy rotisserie chicken, and with a new membership, you get one FREE! There are a lot of good recipes with rotisserie chicken in them.

5. An Apple Pie for FREE!

FREE Apple Pie?! Do I need to say more?

6. A 36-pack of Members Mark Fresh Baked Yeast Dinner Rolls for FREE!

I’m a carb-aholic, and fresh yeast rolls sound ahhh-mazing!

7. Curb Side Pick-Up.

Just like Walmart has been rolling out drive thru lanes to pick up your groceries, Sam’s Club is offering the same benefit! You can shop online, pull up to Sam’s Club in the drive thru lane, and have your order delivered to you! How’s that for saving some time?

8. Instant Savings. 

Just like any other frugal shopper, I LOVE my coupons, but I don’t always have time for them. One of the things I adore about Sams’ Club is they have instant savings. This means I can save money on particular products without having to actually clip a coupon!

9. Use Walmart Gift Cards at Sam’s Club. 

Have you recently had a baby shower or bridal shower and have an over-abundance of Walmart Gift Cards? Use them at Sam’s Club to stock up on diapers, meals for your freezer, or even splurge on a TV.

Bonus Tip: Use a website like Raise to get $25 gift card for just $20 to get a savings off the top. 

10. Cheap Lunches. 

I’m not even gonna lie, I’ve totally taken the kids to lunch at Sam’s Club just because the prices are so good! Having a membership to Sam’s Club gives you access to the amazing prices at the Sam’s Club Cafe. Sam’s Club Black Friday Ad and more similar content is available on Black Friday page.

Through May 30, you can purchase a Sam’s Club Membership for $45, and get the following FREE:

  • $20 Sam’s Club Gift Card
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • 12″ Apple Lattice Pie
  • Fresh Baked Yeast Dinner Rolls 36 count

After the free food and gift card, it’s like getting the membership for just $5.06! Seriously, you can’t beat it! Hurry on over to grab yours here. Some of the offers can take up to 72 hours to load to your card.

This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and get a membership to check them out in store. 

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    May 9, 2017 at 8:54 am

    I did join and got all the bonuses but be careful my pie apples were not cooked. My rotisserie chicken was raw! Very disappointed! Expectedly when that was dinner. But, I will receive a refund! Just Be careful!! Now as far as the store I love it, meat prices are fantactic! I love shopping there!!!

  2. […] and will end on May 30. I have had a membership to Sam’s Club for over 10 years now, and I absolutely love Sam’s Club! Even my kids love going to Sam’s […]

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