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9 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel

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My husband travels with work, and it can get quite pricey. Although the company he works for does reimburse him, we still have to pay for everything out of pocket first. Even though he has to travel for work and pay for a place to stay, we still have bills to pay. It can be hard to balance. Here are some ways we save money on business travel.

If you travel for work, it can get pretty expensive. The hotels, air fare, gas, & meals add up quickly! Here are some ways to save money on business travel.

9 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel: 

1. Get Hotel Rewards Cards. 

My husband stays at certain hotel chains a lot, so he has hotel reward cards. Although the rewards cards don’t exactly save money on a hotel stay, they do upgrade him to different reward “levels”. At one chain, he gets a beverage and snack when he checks in because he is an “elite” member from staying so much! As a bonus, when my husband and I ever want to get away for a weekend, we can use a free night from his accumulated points!

2. Use Ebates. 

Staying a hotel is inevitable when traveling for a few days at a time for work. Hotel stays can become pretty pricey. When booking a hotel through ebates, you earn a percentage of what you spend at a hotel, plus you can use coupon codes to save on top of that!

Bonus: When you sign up for ebates here and make your first purchase, you will score a $10 gift card! 

3. Use Coupon Codes. 

If possible, you can use a coupon code to save money on the stay. If there isn’t a coupon code, you can search to see if there are any deals for when you stay more than one night at a hotel. You can search our database for coupon codes here.

4. Use a Credit Card. 

While I’m not a big fan of credit cards (we are still paying off credit card debt), I do advocate to use a credit card only for business expenses. There have been weeks when we have to shell out close to $1,000 in travel expenses and bills still needed to be paid! That can complicate things when that money has to come out of the account that pays the bills. When you have a credit card only for business travel expenses, you can pay it off every time you are reimbursed.

Bonus: Designating a credit card just for business expenses and paying if off each time you are reimbursed will build your credit score! 

5. Pack Snacks. 

Although the company reimburses meals, not all companies reimburse snacks. If you’re purchasing a snack every time you need one, you will end up spending twice as much than if you just purchase snacks and take them with you.

6. Stay at a Hotel with Continental Breakfast. 

If you’re staying at a hotel for a few days in a row, eating breakfast out every morning can quickly add up to $20 or more you spent out of pocket. Choosing to stay at a hotel that offers continental breakfast will keep that money in your pocket, and you still get a good breakfast.

7. Drive a Vehicle with Good Gas Mileage. 

The company my husband works for now gives him a company car to drive when traveling for work. The company he previously worked for didn’t do that. At the time, my husband drove a vehicle that only got about 15 miles to the gallon and my vehicle got 25 miles to the gallon. Anytime he had to travel out of town, he would take my vehicle because it got better gas mileage, which meant less money spent out of pocket on gas.

8. Sign Up for Airline Rewards. 

Most airlines have a rewards card. Sign up for one if you travel by plane and make sure you use it every time you book a flight. You can trade in your rewards for free flights, upgrades, and more!

9. Work Longer Hours. 

Everyday you’re gone for work is more money you’re spending. If you’re supposed to be gone for a week, check ahead to see if you can work four days of ten hours each, instead of five days of eight hours each. It will cut an extra day off your time gone, which will save you money.

Traveling for work may be necessary, but spending a lot of money for travel doesn’t have to be. Use these tips to save money on business travel.

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