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11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost a Dime

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Mother’s Day can be a special day for moms. I mean, what other day besides her birthday is she celebrated for everything she does? Plus, those adorable hand made cards from the kids make mom’s day! If your budget is tight this year, here are some Mother’s Day Gifts that don’t cost a dime!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make mom feel special on Mother's Day. Check out these 11 Mother's Day Gifts that don't cost a dime.

11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost a Dime: 

1. Let her sleep. 

Have you heard that quote “Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains”or seen the quote printed and framed? Sometimes moms get tired, and I mean really tired! Let her sleep in while you watch the kids, or let her take a nap.

2. Do all the chores for the day. 

When you volunteer to take care of the day-to-day routine even for just a day, it can free mom up to just relax. Sometimes moms just need some down time.

3. Cook her favorite meal. 

What’s better than your favorite meal? Not having to cook it! Cook mom her favorite meal (and clean up afterwards).

4. Clean out her car. 

I can’t tell you how messy my van gets with the kids, and my kids are always with me so cleaning it out is an even bigger chore. Vacuum out, clean, and wash the car for her so she doesn’t have to. It will be appreciated!

5. Make a handmade card. 

Moms adore handmade cards from kids. Help the kids make her a card for Mother’s Day with craft/art supplies you already have at home.

6. Do a chore she dislikes. 

If doing all of mom’s chores for the day is overwhelming, try just doing the one she dislikes the most. Does mom despise dishes? Or loathe the laundry? Do it for her for her on Mother’s Day.

7. Make a coupon book. 

Is mom a frugal shopper? Make her a coupon book with things she can “cash in” for later. You can make one in Microsoft Word with clip art, make your own with index cards, or purchase a pre-written one for a few dollars. Put items in there she would enjoy like “kids split dish duty for the day” or “dad cooks dinner for the night”.

8. Give her the night off. 

Is there something mom has been wanting to go do? Like a game night with her friends, or see a movie with her sister? Offer to watch the kids and take care of dinner so she can go.

9. Give her some time to herself. 

One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was when he got home one night, looked at me, and told me, “I got the girls. You go do something just for you.” It was so nice just being able to go somewhere by myself (even if that somewhere was to Panera Bread to read a book)!

10. Pick some flowers. 

Growing your own flowers can save you money, and makes a gift for mom! Cut a couple of flowers from the flower garden (or flower beds), and arrange them in a vase for mom. It’s way cheaper than purchasing a bouquet and it’s a thoughtful gift.

11. Let Mom choose.

There are times when moms just want to be with their kids and do something as a family. Find out what mom wants to do. She may just want to go to the park to spend time with the kids, have a picnic outside, or go for a walk with the family.

I’m sure there are a lot of other things you can think of to do for mom on Mother’s Day that doesn’t cost a dime. Don’t just do something because it’s free, but because it’s something mom would enjoy. Give these Mother’s Day Gifts that don’t cost a dime a try. Be creative and have fun celebrating mom!

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