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9 of my Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

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I LOVE Bible Journaling! My journey with it started about a year ago, and over the last year I’ve learned A LOT about myself, my relationship with God has grown, and I’ve learned what supplies work for Bible Journaling. I quickly realized that most of the Bible Journaling supplies can be found in your house (especially if you have kids and/or a craft closet)! Being able to use Bible Journaling supplies already in your house will save you quite a bit of money, but if you’re wanting to grab some new supplies to add to what you have, here are my favorite ones.

Bible Journaling is a lot of fun, but learning what supplies work in your Bible can be tricky. Check out my favorite Bible Journaling Supplies that I have tried, tested, and loved!

9 of my Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies: 

1. Color Crayons. 

Color crayons don’t bleed through the thin pages of the Bible, which makes it a GREAT tool to use for beginners! Another fun thing I’ve learned to do with crayons: Take a white color crayon and draw a shape on a page in your Bible. Then use watercolors to paint over it. The paint will show the shape you drew and adds color to your Bible!

2. Water Colors. 

I started with the Crayola water colors that my kids have. Since they mix up their colors, I bought a new set. I’m sure I will end up purchasing a more expensive brand, but for now the Crayola ones work just fine for me.

3. Bible Journal Mat. 

I’m going to be honest; I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw the Bible Journal Mats. I thought it was a waste of money, but I was wrong! Using the mat gives me a harder surface underneath the page I’m working on, and makes it easier for me to journal, draw, color, and write. I REALLY like this Bible Journal Mat because it has the stencil on one side to paint or color the crosses, and the other side has a ruler to help measure out what you’re going to do on your page.

4. Washi Tape.

Washi tape is wonderful to use in Bible Journaling! You can use it to “hide” something you messed up, to color to a page, or to tape something in your bible.

5. Precision Pens. 

There are A LOT of different pens you can use in your Bible, but my favorite are the Illustrated Faith Precision Pens! They don’t bleed through the pages, and they will allow you to write over paint. They are also really easy to use when you’re beginning to letter.

6. Letter Stickers.

Letter stickers are the best! I LOVE the cute polka dotted ones or the ones that have the cute shapes on them. The reason I love these? I have not quite mastered hand lettering and the letters are a way to bring out a quote or a saying. I have bought letter stickers from the dollar bins at Target, from Amazon, from Hobby Lobby, and from DaySpring. I prefer the ones from DaySpring, but if you’re looking at price, I would go with Amazon or Target.

7. Stickers.

Can’t draw a stick figure? Not a problem with stickers! There are so many cute shapes you can use in your bible. Combine the shape stickers with letter stickers on a passage in your Journal Bible.

8. Colored Pencils.

If you’re worried about bleed through to additional pages in your bible, colored pencils are fantastic to use because they don’t bleed through! I, personally, love the Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils. They have erasers on them and you don’t have to sharpen them.

9. Die Cuts. 

Die cuts are basically a cute little cut out with a verse on the back of it to use as a prompt. Usually it is a picture of something that is relevant to the verse, and are a lot of fun to use when you’re first starting out. (You can use washi tape to stick it to the page of your bible.) Die cuts come in packs of  and are pretty inexpensive. You can purchase a set for as low as $2.20!

As you can tell, there are a lot of Bible Journaling Supplies you can use and probably already have at home! Remember there is no right or wrong thing to use in your bible. If you’re new to Bible Journaling, check out this post on what you need to know when you start Bible Journaling.

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