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7 Ways Growing Your Own Flowers Saves You Money

Not only are flowers pretty in the spring and summer months, but growing your own flowers saves you money in many different ways!
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It’s Spring time, and it seems like there are sales on everything garden and flower related right now. All the flowers are very pretty, and planting them can be a fun activity to do with your family. Growing flowers is just for fun or to add beauty to your yard. A beautiful yard is what every homeowner wants to achieve, whether this is done through planting flowers, adding some outdoor furniture or investing in a deck from a United Kingdom supplier. However, did you know that growing your own flowers saves you money? It does! Growing your own flowers can save you money in many ways, helping you live a more frugal life. Take a look below at 7 ways growing your own flowers saves you money so you can enjoy beautiful blooms all season long while knowing you are keeping some cash in your pocket at the same time. Here is what you need to know!

Not only are flowers pretty in the spring and summer months, but growing your own flowers saves you money in many different ways!

7 Ways Growing Your Own Flowers Saves You Money:

1. You can collect the seeds.

When you grow your own flowers you can collect the seeds they shed to plant later. Flowers such as sunflowers and coneflowers are perfect for collecting seeds so you can enjoy more FREE blooms for years to come.

2. Perennial options save you cash.

When planting your landscape, perennials will always save you cash. You can easily fill in empty spaces with blooms that will come back year after year. A simple $4-$5 plant can last you decades, certainly giving you some landscaping bang for your buck! Having a great shed similar to an EasyShed Garden Shed to store all your tools to make sure you can keep cost-effectively taking care of your flowers for decades to come. The last thing you want to do is replace your tools often. If you are in need of a larger shed to store not only your tools but larger equipment like a lawnmower, trimmer, etc. you may want to look into repo storage sheds and see which one may be best.

3. Growing a cutting garden means bouquets for less.

Do you love giving flowers as gifts? Growing your own cutting garden can help you do this for less. When you grow your own flowers your blooms just cost you pennies a piece, not $1-$5 a stem which is what you would pay at a local florist.

4. Dried flowers are great for crafting.

Do you love to craft? Grow your own flowers and you won’t have to purchase dried flowers or potpourris again. You can use your flowers in candle making, sachet crafting, flower arrangements, dried flower crafts, and so much more. Growing your own flowers helps you craft for less.

5. Add flowers to your menu.

Did you know that many flowers are edible? Add them to your dishes to add some spice and color for just pennies a piece. Lilacs, clover, and pansies are all edible, just to name a few. Try using flowers to decorate desserts, spice up salads, or embellish your beverages. Use only flowers that haven’t been treated with chemicals, and always make sure you properly identify flowers prior to consuming them.

6. Flowers offer pest protection.

Flowers such as marigolds can help protect your garden from bunnies who would love to turn your row of lettuce into an all you can eat buffet, and deter mosquitoes. Blooming basil can also offer the same benefits. Forget the pricey chemicals and sprays, try planting some of these flowers to solve the problems instead.

7. Flowers offer free entertainment.

Flowers attract both butterflies and hummingbirds which are so entertaining to watch! Plant colorful flowers such as lilies, butterfly bush, hummingbird vine, salvia, and other red and orange varieties to bring these fluttering beauties to your yard! Grab a FREE Butterfly Starter Kit here with everything you need to know to plant flowers to attract butterflies. You can even add a hummingbird feeder right above these colorful blooms to attract even more hummingbirds!

Are you ready to start enjoying the beauty of flowers while saving cash at the same time? Consider these 7 ways growing your own flowers saves you money! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider looking at if you wanted some more garden related information that’ll help you take care of your flowers.

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